elliott smith new york 4/22/98


Date:  Thu Apr 23 08:29:43 1998

From:  rkb200@is5.nyu.edu

Wow, nobody's posted about this yet....well, it was really really crowded and I could barely see, and I wasn't all that impressed with either Birddog or Dump. I kept saying that if Elliott plays "Thirteen" it'll all be worth it; he didn't, but it still was. So anyway, all smushed in there I could sort've see him. I didn't write down the songs and don't know the order, but he played (NOT in order) 1 new song (if I remember correctly the lines "oh well/ok" or something like that were repeated a bunch), Angeles, St. Ides Heaven, Say Yes, Between the Bars, Clementine, Some Song, Rose Parade, Alameda....I forget what else, but it was really good and way more quiet than I had expected it to be. It was a bit shorter than some of the reports from LA shows, but he's playing NYU next week so that's ok. Maybe I can get him to play "Thirteen" then.


Fri Apr 24 17:46:01 1998)

From:  SolomN01@newschool.edu

I had a great time at the Tramps show. I got there early enough to be right up front, but I so feel for you people who were further back and couldn't see- I KNOW how much that can suck. Also he played "Jelous Guy" by the beatles (it is the beatles right? or am I delusional...) and some friend of his came up on stage and was the special guest whistler. so nice. Also thanks to this mailing list I knew what it was when he played "xo". That has been running through my head constantly, it is so good. Also he seemed really happy and I've seen him play before when he didn't look so great. I dug Birddog and Dump. That's all.



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