elliott chicago 4/25/98


Sun Apr 26 01:48:08 1998)

From:  LucyPevnsi@aol.com

the show tonight in chicago was absolutely wonderful-- crowded, but a perfect elliott show  ....and the one ? part on the "oh well, ok" song goes:

i got pictures i just don't see it anymore
climbing hour upon hour through a bore
but the one i keep where it never fades
in the safety of a pitch black mind
an airless cell that blocks the day
oh well, okay beautiful song...

much love to all of you guys,




Sun Apr 26 12:30:23 1998

From_: SciFisMyFi@aol.com

absolutely beautiful. i was smack dab in front of elliott, slightly intimidated, but in priority seating. took two roles of film WITHOUT flash, the last roll didn't advance at all, which means the pictures didn't turn out. if the first roll turns out, i'll be sure to scan whatever does. also, i tried to tape the show, but only the last couple songs made it. at least it's something.

as some of you may know, this was a 21+ show i went to with my mom in celebration of my 18th birthday which is coming up. after the show, i asked one of the staff members to just thank him for me for a good birthday and such. he told me i could go back and say it myself. i said no thanks, and that i was way too shy, but he said "now or never" and with a little push from my mom, i walked back. quickly said my thank yous and turned around to leave . then my mom felt the need to tell him the story of how i was kicked off america online for defending him in a celine dion fistfight. which was really fucking embarassing. then i left.

lv, s.


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