elliott smith new york city 4/30/98


Date:  Thu Apr 30 22:19:45 1998

From:  rkb200@is5.nyu.edu

Casey - sorry I missed you. I saw part of Birddog and liked them better with only 2 people than 4. Anyway, finally Elliott came on, in usual attire. I didn't have a pen with me, but from what I recall he played...(NOT in order)...Angeles, Rose Parade, Clementine, Coming Up Roses, Division Day, Say Yes, Kill the Southern Belle, St. Ides Heaven, Not Half Right (well, he stopped about halfway through), by repeated request he did a cool version of "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright", Jealous Guy, 2:45, Biggest Lie....that last song I don't know what it was (sorry), that new "oh well, ok" song whose name I still am forgetting...and AGAIN, DAMNIT, he didn't play Thirteen. Were you all joking that he played it in LA and other places? I'm beginning to think so...Garbage's version of Thirteen is on the new CMJ sampler CD, first track, it's pretty good, obviously real different...this one guy kept yelling out for Guns N Roses songs and then the last song Elliott goes "I guess I should play a cover cuz I'm sick of my songs" and that guy calls out "Like A Virgin" - it was pretty funny. A good show, I don't think a show of Elliott's could be bad exactly, but believe it or not I liked the totally crowded Tramps show better, but Elliott talked and joked around a lot more this time. I have a final and an interview tomorrow and I'm gonna fail the exam probably so I better go try to study. rachel



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