Aug. 15, Athens, Georgia -- 40 Watt Club


Set List:


California Tuffy
Trashman In Furs
I Killed the Cuckoo
7 or in 10
Folks Like Me
You Doo Right
Hands on the Wheel
The Small Song
The French Song
Outside of Town

From: "Melanie" <>

Subject: Athens, Stephanie, Jittery Joe's & other tall tales.  =)

Date sent: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 03:16:37 -0400

Wow. What a weekend. I'm so exhasuted right now it is almost impossible to type. But I couldn't wait. I had to share... First let me just assure those of you who have yet to make it to a show what Friday night was like... fabulous. Fantastic. Awe inspiring, etc etc. I have no clue whatsoever on the order of the setlist... I think I remember Toybox opening (Stephanie? You remember?) and Outside of Town (WOW!!!!) closing. Somewhere in all that was Cal Tuffy, Trashman in Furs, I Killed the Cuckoo, Seven or In 10, Folks Like Me, You Doo Right, Butch (amazing live...),Lilybelle, Hands On The Wheel,The Small Song, and The French Song... there may have been others - I can't remember... I look at this list, and I'm sure I heard all of these songs... it didn't seem that long tho - it seemed to go too fast...The Subsonics I wasn't too fond of, and his pants scared me. We completely missed Viewmaster, tho if any of you know anything about them please let me know. One of the guys was talking to my friend Kat, and she didn't get a phone # or anything. They're from NY. The Fibbers were all really nice and friendly... saw them the next morning at brunch at The Grit (wow - what great food). Leyna is unbelievably cute - and Carla is simply not a morning person. Stewarts Orange and Cream soda is *the* shit - just FYI. Stephanie is awesome and we had an incredible time -it was nice to finally meet the person I was mistaken for. =) I'm so glad I got to actually spend time in Athens finally, I want to live there now. It was down right hard to leave there today. The Junkmans Daughters Brother is awesome - the Wuxtry I found kind of half assed. I found a NY Loose EP I had been looking for, but elected not to buy it in protest of the fact that there were Fibber posters all over the front of the store (with the INCORRECT date on them for the show) yet there was not one item of Fibber merch in the store. Not one. And no left over card for a section or anything. So blah. And I don't think that everyone at the show was wowed and went and bought up all their merch - most of the ppl there seemed to already be familiar with Fibberdom. Heroin boy was a sight - this guy in the very front was *very* excited to be in Carla's presence, he was flailing all over the place, enjoying himself a bit too much at the expense of those around us, and he stunk like a boys locker room. But he was into the Fibbers. That's a definite. I think he's the same guy who came in last year and screamed "I love you Carla!" during soundcheck, then announced he was going to see Ben Folds Five. I mean this. It dawned on me on the way home today. I honestly think it is the same person.

Jittery Joe's is only one note off of what I want to own - only I want to *sell* CDs and books, and stuff. Awesome place tho - spent quite a bit of our time there.

I'm hallucinating now from lack of sleep. Just got home (Kat and I were determined to *not* go home until we absolutely had to and went to see Air Force One tonight :P) and I need to crash out now. I hate driving in really hot weather - my ankles look and feel like balloons in the Macy's Day parade. Eck. Goodnight.





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