elliott portland 2/26/99


From: diopter <diopter@teleport.com>

Don't know what's been said about the show so far. Since I don't have a
computer at home, and am attending 7 shows in 6 days, I don't have any
time to check mail. Here's a small review of the Portland Satyricon
Elliott Smith show.

It must have been sold out, because it was packed in there. I got there
about 15 minutes early. Luckily, I had tickets, so I was the third
person through the door. I got one of the few seats in the place,
because I wanted to save my energy for all the shows I have this week.
I've always found that the perspective from the right set of seats is
best at Satyricon. On the other side, you get ppl blocking you, and, of
course, standing up you get ppl blocking you.

The show started about exactly an hour late. I expected this, and
didn't mind, since I was comfortably sitting down. It was my third time
seeing No. 2, and I like them better w/each listen. They said they'd
have an album out soon, which is good. I like the way Neil and the bass
player's (don't know her name) vox blend together. Really good
harmonizing. They just play some good poppy-sounding songs.

Elliott took the stage (by himself) soon after No. 2. He seemed in a
much better mood than Thursday. He was very upbeat. There were a
couple of "conversations" with ppl from the audience. One was a guy who
was asking him if he liked New York. He replied that he did, not as
much as Portland, though. He said that he hadn't spent much time in New
York, though. The audience member asked why he moved there. Elliott
said that he moved because he lived in Portland a long time and wanted
something different. He continued by saying that all his friends and
loved ones are in Portland. Everyone cheered (of course). I think I
saw Jason grab the setlist. Don't know if he posted it or not. There
were a few songs I didn't recognize.

The big news of the night: he played Miss Misery. I was shocked. It's
just sorta funny that he played it, since we were all just talking about
how he never plays it anymore. He dedicated it to someone (I think he
said it was for Nina).

Tomorrow, Tomorrow; Last Call; ??; Miss Misery, Son of Sam; Pitzelah;
Southern Belle; Everything Reminds Me of Her; Baby Britain; Say Yes;
Rose Parade; ??; White Lady; ??; Don't You Say Why??; St. Ide's Heaven
(by request). Encores: Biggest Lie; 2:45 a.m. (by request); Angeles;
Tom's Start


From: Suchazero@aol.com

okay, that was too rad....im so sorry i din't take my recorder...i hope
someone on the list recorded this and will do a tape tree cuz it was so
amazing....the show started at least an hour late, lucky for me cuz i showed
up right at 10 and still had plenty of time to get drunk. no. 2 came on at
about 11:20 or so...be prepared you guys cuz neil gust of no.2 is
amazing....he is easily my second favorite musician now....no.2 played a great
show, neil is an absolute guitar wizard as well...
okay, elliott kicked some royal ass people... this is the first time i've
seen him acoustic and it was absollutely captivating. he played lots of new
songs, i think at least five including son of sam, and that one that he
officially declared as "everything reminds me of her". some highlights were
when he said "this one's for neil" and played miss misery .... he stopped
right in the middle of southern bell and flatly said "shit, how does this one
go" and the crowd freaked out with cheers and clapping, after thinking about
it a while he continued the song and stopped again and we cheered somemore and
he said he forgot that one... he played angeles and rose parade to
perfection... he also played bigges lie, white lady and st ides heaven to
perfection...when someone from the crowd asked him what new york was like he
talked a bit about how he likes new york as much as anyother place and how he
wanted to live there for a change of scenery but that the people he loves are
in portland... and during i think the last song he made a really funny face
when one of the notes he played was buzzing and everyone started laughing....
it was so great, im so regretting that i didn't sneak my recorder in now cuz
they weren't even checking for them and the sound was so clear in there during
elliotts set, and he played so many new songs. and the messup on southern bell
was so classic... he sounded really confident and his voice was solid as it
was last night. okay, let me know if any of you wanna chat more about it. bye