elliott vancouver b.c. 2/27/99


From: BlackTimes@aol.com

Well, I just got back from seeing Elliott at the Starfish up in Vancouver B.C.
An awesome, but short, show.

I took the 7 hour drive over to Vancouver to see him play, I got to the
Starfish room around 7P.M. with my friend Seraiah. We and this other couple
were the only ones there at the time, since the show didn't start till 10P.M.
There is this huge bus parked on the street in front of us that we suspect
Elliott and his crew are in...about an hour later we hear a creak, it's the
door opening...and who else but Elliott peeks out, he quickly closes the door
after the other couple shouted out "Hey Elliott!" About 5 minutes later we
see him walking up the sidewalk going to his bus 5 feet away from us...I call
out "hi Elliott" he waves back shyly and just walks onto the bus...o well, I
was hoping to meet him.

Anyways, they open the doors around 9:15 and start serving drinks and stuff.
The Starfish Room is an *awesome* venue to see Elliott. No. 2 started around
10:30. The vocals weren't that good for No. 2, I don't think they
soundchecked them for No. 2...
Good set played 6 songs, all sounded awesome, pounding pulsing songs....they
didn't say much in between.

Then, about 11:55 or so, our man comes out. He starts off with "Ballad Of Big
Nothing" on electric, very good rendition of the song, I was so happy. Here
are the songs I remember Elliott playing...all of them on the electric. Not
in order

Ballad Of Big Nothing
Independance Day
Speed Trials
Son of Sam
Between the Bars (solo) awesome!
Cupid's Trick
!Say Yes! (solo)
Sweet Adeline
Waltz #2
Baby Britain (on electric guitar) nice!
Bled White
Stupidity Tries?
Tom's Start?
I Don't Understand
Bottle Up and Explode!
Coming Up Roses -- half the song

Some highlights:
1. During Cupid's Trick a girl up front passed out drunk, the bassist stoped
the song but Elliott kept on going for a few! (it was during the guitar solo)
Elliott was worried and kept on saying "I'm so sorry, is she ok?" He said
"What should I do now? Should I start the song over? I don't know what to
do!" He seemed *really* shy.

2. Coming Up Roses he played this song during the first encore, there were 2
encores! It was just him up there and he stoped the song before the
chorus..he didn't know it!

3. Say Yes -- during the "situations get fucked up" part...he forgot the
lyrics and just played the same note over till the next lyric..."crooked spin"

4. Before he played Say Yes he asked the crowd what they wanted next...I
SCREAMED out SAY YES ELLIOTT! and well...he did! woo-hoo

If anyone else was at the show email me...I was the guy in the black shiny
jacket with blue jeans and curly hair...I was 3rd in line before the show
started. I sat up in the seated area..I had a stool. I even meet some new
friends up there...Greg and Andrea...they were first in line...we chatted for
a while before the show, it's nice to meet other Elliott fans....I love this

If you have any questions about the show just ask, I"ll post the pictures I
took of the show sometime....


From: Jo-Anne Chu <jchu10@yahoo.com>

I was at yesterday's Starfish show in Vancouver. I thought it was OK.
The band played well but quickly. I didn't like the style of Paulie's
drumming. Felt he pounded onto the kit too hard and it didn't sound
right. (to Elliott's songs, that is). Elliott didn't seem very into
the show. He wasn't very chatty and barely said a word. The whole
set lasted around 65-70minutes. It was short and it even included not
1 but 2 encores. The 2nd encore was a pleasant surprise. But then
again, the crowd was very good to him and no one left after the 1st.
So, it made sense. The band performed quite a few new songs.
Including 3 new, new tunes. (Son of Sam, A Living Will & "Everything
Reminds Me of Her"). I thought the new songs sounded pretty good but
not as good when compared to Elliott's other 2 new (but older) tunes.
(Tom's Start & Stupidity Tries). Those two were performed, as well.
Sounded awesome!!! After the first encore...i noticed a girl near me,
go up onto the stage to grab a setlist. So, since she was up
there...i asked her to grab me one, too!! (hehe. Hey, thanks alot...if
you are on the list!).

Here is what was played....(and they followed the setlist and
performed in this order)

1 Ballad of Big Nothing
2 Independence Day
3 Speed Trials
4 Son of Sam
5 Bled White
6 XO
7 Cupid's Trick
8 Stupidity Tries
9 Baby Britain
10 A Living Will
11 Bottle Up & Explode!
12 Tom's Start
13 I Didn't Understand (Elliott solo w/ electic guitar)

The songs during the encore weren't listed.
But here is what was peformed....

Encore # 1 (Elliott solo w/ an electric guitar)

14 Between The Bars
15 ?? (A New Song) Has the line...["Everything Reminds Me of Her"]
16 Coming Up Roses
(The song was aborted - Elliott couldn't play it on his electric)
17 Say Yes

Encore # 2 (with band)

18 2:45 AM
19 Sweet Adeline

Oh, yeah...on the actual setlist...Bottle Up & Explode! was listed as
Bottle Up & Corn! While on another setlist had A Living Will listed as
A Living Corn.

Right before the 2nd encore....Elliott said "Sorry, I'm not usually so
agitated.....It's a weird night" (whatever this means) and then went
on to play 2:45AM.

For those who are nosy and interested....Elliott wore the same outfit
that can be seen on Bruce's & Tiffany's Showbox photos. (the Rolling
Stones Tee w/ red jeans). Sam wore a grey No. 2 Tee while Paulie wore
a white tee that said something i couldn't read in orange. Something
about "Hell" & "Pineapple".

About No.2....they were really good!!!!! For those going to upcoming
shows on the West Coast...i highly suggest you get to the show early
and check 'em out!! A great band. And i fully agree in what Janice
had said in how the vocals between Neil and their bassist (i think her
name is Gilly Ann?) blended well together. Sounded great. I managed
to grab their setlist after the show...

Here's what they played:

1 Parting Kiss
2 Critical Mass
3 Pop Inc
4 Pop In A Minor
(The setlist was hard to read. May have said something else)
6 So Long
6 Never Felt Better
7 Move it Away
8 Practicing Moves
(Again this was hard to read)
9 Nobody's Satified

Ok, that's it for me.
Sean & John, i will be e-ing ya soon! Sorry, things has been quite
hectic from my side.