elliott los angeles 3/3/99


From: EuroSonLCB@aol.com

hey party people

I choose to review Elliott's work with spontaneous thought

Elliott's furrowed eyebrows
in my mind
While driving, roaring past Hollywood
Thinking of nothing but
His delicate fingertips running over six strings like
cascades of water, currents of fish and algae over
time weathered rocks peeking through a waterfall
And I was worried...worried to miss such greatness
Worried to never hear that voice
A voice that moves me, my soul
A sound that drives your heart into a darkened corner
where you lay in fetal position weeping
Tears of pain maybe
pain that you have been bottling up and tossing into the endless sea of
where it bobs up and down to nothingness
Or tears of joy which leaves you waltzing
in an intersection of rush hour speeds where everyday joe wonders
"What the hell is his problem?"
But there is nothing wrong with you
Only you are weird to those who are not free
Free within
They lock their souls away and humans live further apart
But there is one time where our hearts mend together
As we flock to the voice of Elliott
We crowd close to the stage where our hearts and souls beg to be refreshed
And he opens his mouth
He strums his guitar and we
are full to the brim with inspiration
The kind of inspiration that leaves me up till the early mornings
writing this piece
The kind of inspiration that awakens dreams just born or reawakened from the
death of society's cold reality
He performs for us
He gives himself to us
He opens up and shows who he is inside
He is beauty
He creates beautiful things that are
so enaffable that words like beautiful pretty and amazing just do not describe
his mind and life quite enough
He makes us beautiful
He throws so much wonder at us like a painter
with a wet brush of paint to a blank canvas
Somehow he molds our unusual shapes and grooves into
a work of art
He gets more blood shooting through our veins
Our hearts beat stronger and we live
Live...like his songs
and so fucking extraordinary

From: Stephanie Blank <stephblank@yahoo.com> 

The show last night at the El Rey was amazing. Elliott is a musical
genius! No 2 rocked too. The crowd didn't seem very excited to be in
Elliott's prescence though. Anyways, here is the set list from last
1. Pictures Of Me
2. Bled White
3. Son of Sam
4. Waltz #2
5. Cupid's Trick
6. Baby Britain
7. Stupidity Tries
8. Bottle Up and Explode
9. Tom's Start
10. Speed Trials
11. Big Nothing
12. Independece Day
13. Say Yes ( just elliott)
14. Everything Reminds Me of Her? ("")
15. Miss Misery ("")
16. Unknown ?
17. Sweet Adeline

I also took a bunch of pictures, I'll post them if they turn out.
Also I saw one person taping the concert but I have no idea if they
plan on trading or what.

From: Marilune@aol.com

it's one week tommorow or so i figger. and you know i haven't stopped
sparkling from elliottdust which is kinda like faerydust except elliott's not
a fairy and i'm not flying (not literally anyway). it's kind of like dancing
to Blondie ("the man from mars is through with cars and through with bars and
now he only eats guitars!"). for me anyway. sparkle. twinkle.

march 3rd wasn't the best day for me what with the school counsler calling me
into her office and giving me one more reason to hate myself. it was like
"you're no good can't you tell that it's well understood?" and "i'm not half
of what i wish i was" combined. like putting rubberbands around my neck. or
needles through my arm. wish i could write how lonely and terrible it felt to
be locked in the counslers office all alone with bigfatwetsoppy tears leaving
dark stains on the white couch. "you think you can go back to class?" "no."
but i went anyway.

but you know you're a whole 'nuther person outside an elliott show. it was
amazing the diversity of people showing up. old people, young people, people
like me, people not like me, smiley happy people, furry frowning people. even
the scalper sold me a ticket to the Sunny Day concert for an extraordinarily
high price was around hawking tickets for elliott's saturday troub show. well
yes, i was safe here. from 11th grade and school counslers. "the place where i
make no mistakes, the place where i have what it takes."

the show itself was faboo with number 2 doing a dynamite set. i loved the way
gilly played bass. i love the bass though and i'd love to play it. it looks so
fun. the drummer, paul, was elliott esque in a way (maybe the hair?) or maybe
not. well-a-well-a. sam themostawesomeguyintheuniverseexceptforelliott coomes
made an appearence (lisa pointed him out to me) walking to the merchandise
place (i bought elliott 7" and Either/Or on vinyl). poofy hair! stole my idea.
sam themostwesomeguyintheuniverse was acting melancholy that night though, the
way he sort of slumped over his bass when he wasn't playing. and later when i
said "sam you are the most awesome guy in the universe!" he said "aw thanks
even though it's not true".

elliott played a terribly short set (which i captured on a remarkably clear
boot) but played lots of good stuff including new songs which of course
radiate beauty and butterflies black and blue. and he played tom's start which
i adore. i was singing along the whole time which confused some people who
only own the albums. i am so hardcore.

at times, especially when he played Waltz #2 (XO) (it never ceases to amaze
how much that song has come to mean to me), i began to feel that yucky sadness
feeling that i get from school. well. if i kept things inside, at least *i*
never lied. (thas Quasi!) but elliott is like my prozac. naturally.

Two encores, no Division day (damn) and lots of good feelings. melisaandluke
(one entity, you see?) waited afterwards for elliott and met a girl named
Erica who had a robot hand (she made it freakos, she wasn't attatched to it)
and was very sweet and wonderful. but after all the nazi guardism that was
experienced in the El Rey, the roadies were so nice and even lent me quarters
to use the pay phone when we snuck inside the El Rey WAAAAAY after show time.
waiting outside with my whole pile of shit and a sharpie, Sam came out and
then Neil ("you rock man" "thanks" big smile both ways). then elliott. "oh
elliott can you sign some stuff?" "sure" sparklesparklesparkle.

he was so nice even though was dropping shit all over the place. i was
basically kneeling at his feet. he had cute pants on. and i said, "i don't
know if you remember but i was outside the roxy last september."

"oh yeah." shy smile. not sure if he's just being nice or sincere. do not
disillusion me. i can disillusion myself.

"i hope you don't mind but we jacked the posters because the guards are
nazis." i'm glad i jacked the poster. it's a lovely addition to my wall. next
to the roxy ones.

"yeah they are a little uptight. for LA." hee hee.

but he was lovely to me as always and signed all my stuff. he looked tired
but was gracious and i'll always appreciate it. sparklesparkle. it's my own
private stardust. no one can see it but it's still glittering under my nails
and on my eyelashes. thank you, elliott smith.


PS: wish me luck tommorow i'm doing my best elliott-at-the-oscars imitation as
I perform "Gracias a La Vida" in front of the school for international day. i
know what it's like to hide behind the music.

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