elliott los angeles 3/4/99


From: CalltheDr@aol.com

For the people who were asking, the March 4th setlist from the El Rey, in
order, is below. I wasn't sure if a few were new songs or covers.

1. Ballad of Big Nothing
2. Independence Day
3. Speed Trials
4. New song or cover (says something about "man in the moon" near the start)
5. Bled White
6. Son of Sam
7. Waltz #2(XO)
8. Pictures Of Me
9. Cupid's Trick
10. Stupidity Tries
11. Baby Britain
12. Sweet Adeline
13. Tom's Start
14. I Didn't Understand
15. St. Ides Heaven
16. Between The Bars
17. New song or cover ("Taking the easy way out for you I suppose")
18. Bottle Up and Explode!
19. Christian Brothers