elliott santa barbara 3/5/99


From: RO <mvm37@yahoo.com

hey does anyone know what the second to last song that elliott played
on the 3rd was??
the yucatan was the best show ive ever seen in my life. sounds
pathetic, but this was only my second time seeing elliott. i was
first in line and so i got ot stand right in front of the mic.
somebody during the show screamed "play another song about heroin,
mother fucker." it was so interesting to see how elliott would react
to that. but he just kinda smiled and said something , but i couldnt
understand him that well. i grabbed the set list, but he played
pretty much the same thing as the other shows, except that he also
played christian brothers. at first he seemed overwhelmed, teh venue
was small but packed and everyone was screaming, i felt ashamed at
first for screaming along with everyone cause he looked so
uncomfortable but he relaxed a little as the show went on. anyway
that is pretty much it, i loved it so much

for those of you that havent gone yet. buy no.2 shirts and wear them
during the show. no.2 seemed kinda down on themselves even though it
sounded like everyone loved them. ok ive written to much, if i
missed anything, those of you who also went should also report onthe