elliott austin 3/10/99


From: "Don Reynolds" <plumtree@lcc.net>

In Austin last night, in my opinion, they played the first song,
BOBNothing, faster than usual, and really nailed it, had the crowd up and
whooping. But the next song, Independence Day really fell apart. There
were better and worse moments during the rest of the show. Elliott's
vocals were pretty strong.
I've been trying to figure out what was happening with them since. From
some previous comments on this thread about the drumming, I think you're on
to something. It's the style, I think, which is too restricted to
accomodate Elliott's range.
I wouldn't mind seeing Elliott with a drummer with a background in hard
punk and jazz.

From: "ben" <londab@southwestern.edu>

hey everyone...

first the austin setlist from last night: (in no particular order, but
pretty close):

ballad of big nothing
independence day
speed trials
bled white
son of sam
waltz #2
cupid's trick
stupidity tries
baby britain
bottle up and explode!
tom's start
pictures of me
i didn't understand
(first encore)
say yes
tomorrow tomorrow
taking the easy way out
(second encore)
christian brothers
division day

i'm proposing an idea:
i know there's a few musicians on this list, so i thought it would be a neat
idea for the elliott list to have its own elliott tribute CD.
here's what i'm thinking: i'll put this thing together. i'm not going to get
it professionally done, i'll just burn CD-Rs - that way the cost to
purchasers will only be like $5 bucks (to cover shipping and the cost of a
blank CD). all those who wish to contribute submit their top 3 choices of
songs to me - if we have enough people to submit tracks, then the first
person with their top choice gets it, then the next person with that choice
gets their second choice, etc - but if we don't have enough people to
submit, each person may get 2 or 3 tracks on the compilation. anything
elliott has done solo or with heatmiser counts.
we also need to come up with a name - everyone start suggesting names for
the tribute, and at the end of a certain period i'll post all the possible
names and we can all vote - the highest # of votes wins, etc.

let me know what you guys think..