elliott london 10/5/00


* Needle in the hay
* Bled white
* Son of Sam
* Can't make a sound (with second guitar and second drums)
* Coming up roses
* XO
* Cupid's trick
* Stupidity tries
* Color bars
* In the lost & found
* Division day
* Junk bond trader
* Independence day
* Ballad of big nothing
* Everything means nothing to me

encore 1:
* Somebody's baby (?) (with Shon @ keyboards and Sam (no drums)) a
brand new song I think
* Say yes (with Shon @ second guitar)
* Between the bars (acoustic-just Elliott)

encore 2:
* Fond farewell (acoustic)
* Pretty (ugly before) (with band)
* Happiness (with band)

From: "Francois Drouin" <francois.drouin@voila.fr>

The show lasted exactly 75 minutes.
Elliott didn't have any cap, shon had a cowboy hat.

The sound was rather rough. Elliott seemed happier than usual. This gig
was the last of their european tour.


From: Trung Ly <t12ung@yahoo.com> >

Here's his review of the show:

http://www.geocities.com/t12ung/elliottsmith.htm >


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