elliott seattle 11/12/00

Setlist:  (thanks Christopher)
needle in the hay
son of sam
cupid's trick
division day
waltz #2 (xo)
bled white
stupidity tries
in the lost & found
junk bond trader
ballad of big nothing
independence day
can't make a sound (string breaks, plays 2nd half with BOBN / ID guitar)
everything means nothing to me

encore 1:
plainclothes man (solo)
say yes (with shon on electric and sam
backing vocals)
 the white lady loves you more (with Shon on cello or upright
bass maybe)

encore 2:
between the bars (solo)
speed trials
don't fear the reaper

From: "arby films" <arbyfilms@hotmail.com>

i went to the show last night at the moore theatre in seattle, it was the best show of elliott ever (eventhough i've only seen him 3 times).

he was so funny and talkative, he talked in-between nearly every song, he was hilarious, and sam was talking a ton too. Sam was like, "there's a snoozola going on out there." "I was a depressed when i was a kid too, but, jesus christ, this crowd looks like their at a fuckin' funeral" then the whole crowd was like "boooo" then elliott was trying to take the blame, and so sam was like "boo me, gimme more shit, i'm the asshole and i dont give a fuck so the more shit the better." then elliott was like, "you guys have a lot of good bands from your city, so maybe we arent exciting. We just want to get into a confrontational relationship with you folks." it was hilarious. it was the most i've ever heard them talk, they both seemed so upbeat.

it was sweet, when he was like introducing the band he was like, "here's my big brother, sam, he's a fabulous person, i love him" then sam like did the gagging sign, so elliott took his guitar off and jokingly like beat it over his head. and he did like 3 encores.

the songlist was awesome too, a good mix from all the albums, here's some of the songs: needle in the hay, son of sam, plainclothes man, in the lost and found, junk bond trader, independance day, say yes, the white lady loves you more(with chello!), between the bars, division day, happiness, cant make a sound, speed trials, everything means nothing to me, LA, stupidity tries, and ended with the best dont fear the reaper ever, he had 2 guys from grandaddy out there doing tamborine and cow bell.

and i got 2 t-shirts, the white one with the dog picture on it, and i got the navy shirt, that has the adidas shows and his pants on it....email me if you want these, i heard some people talking on here about wanting t-shirts, lemme know what you'll trade or anything you have that's cool. or we can just talk about what to trade.

i also taped most of the elliott show and the grandaddy part too. so if anyone wants that they can too.

From: "Chad Perman" <cperman12@hotmail.com>


i'm sure some one else on the list will write much more up about the show, and if they don't than i promise to, but i just have to say while it's still fresh in my mind WOW AMAZING WONDERFUL... i haven't followed each and every post as carefully as i could have, so this might have happened at another show, but i was not expecting it; for his solo encore elliott came out and played "white lady loves you more" on acoustic guitar and was accompanied by a cello! it was probably the singular most beautiful thing i have ever heard in a live concert from any performer ever. i'm not typically a tear guy, but i had the goosebumps and the watery eyes from verse one. it was just completely overwhelming on every level. and i had no idea that in addition to all the other things the guy does to back up elliott (piano, guitar, etc.) he seems to be a rather good cellist. anyways, most of the rest of the show went well, and once the crowd started getting into it more (after several invocations from a rather drunk elliott) things were grand. quotes of the night: elliott: "we're all spooked out by how quiet is in here..." sam: "it's like a fucking funeral down in front...i mean, when i was a kid i was depressed too, but jesus christ... go ahead, i'm an asshole boo me all you want because i don't give a fuck...hahaha"

and of course, many many many songs were played (plainclothes man, division day, say yes, between the bars, don't fear the reaper, needle in the hay, clementine, l.a., ballad of big nothing, cupid's trick, stupidity tries, lost and found, can't make a sound, white lady loves you more, and several more that i can't remember...) okay, i ended up writing way more than i meant too, but hopefully someone else can do it more justice... happy,

chad perman.

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