elliott washington d.c. 2/20/00

SET LIST (from Rebecca):
1.  Son of Sam
2.  Pretty Mary K
3.  Happiness
4.  southern Belle
5.  LA
6.  Nighttime (Big Star)
7.  Rose Parade
8.  St. Ides Heaven
9.  Everything Means Nothing to Me
10.  Angeles
11.  Needle in the Hay
12.  Say Yes
13.  The Biggest Lie
Encore 1:
Taking the Easy Way Out
independance Day
Big Nothing
Encore 2:
Last Call
I figured You Out

From: Jeff Schneider <jeff1976@home.com>

a sold out black cat in washington dc hosted elliott smith's 2.20.00
concert. elliott opened with son of sam and continued to play a lot
of new songs...in addition to some either/or (angeles, ballad of big
nothing, say yes)..a couple older ones like needle in the hay and
biggest lie..and only one from XO- independence day. elliott seemed
pretty reserved but content throughout the show. one cute moment
occured at the beginning of "biggest lie"- a girl yelled out "elliott
smith you break my heart!". the whole room, including elliott could not
hold back their laughter. a great time was had by all, except maybe
the guys who kept on yelling for "everything reminds me of her" to no


From: "Michael G. Paschka" <package@andrew.cmu.edu>

Normally anything shouted out at a concert is a cliched dairy entry, an
infatuation the can be contained no more, a gooey-sappy plea to be
heard by the object of so much devotion. But from a face in the crowd,
came a declaration of honesty, a statement with as much feeling and
truth as Elliott's songs last night- "Elliott Smith you break my
heart." The beauty of it didn't hit me until I was driving home,
driving along endless interstates, heading back to Pittsburgh for an
8am class that I wasn't really sure I wanted to go to. I listened to
either/or and XO over and over, picturing Elliott in my mind, picturing
the short strawberry-blonde girl that I let stand in front of me
straining to see him, see him bear his pain, his joys, his life. I
didn't want to leave that moment, I wanted to have Elliott keep
playing, I wanted to talk to that girl and find out her name, why she
came to watch and listen to him make music, but it ended- Elliott's
voice slowly going, and me unable to think of the right words to say,
but it was beautiful. If you're reading this, you know the songs, you
know the scene, there's nothing new to report here. The show was
excellent, and thanks to the girl with the broken heart.


From: "Rebecca De Prospo" <RCDEP@hotmail.com>

Hi Guys-
So many people meeting Elliott. It's excellent. I didn't meet him
"backstage" (i.e. the back door to the street) in Philly, but I did meet him
when I went to the DC show and he was quite shy, as I would have expected.
He did drop some of the words to I Figured You Out, as someone else
mentioned, but I think that I was too persistant for him not to play it. He
played it at my request again in Philly with a little coaxing. "But I
fucked it up last night..."

Most Importantly: I NEED a tape of one or both of these two shows. I don't
know how much longer I can survivfe with LA in my head without being able to
listen to it. Anyone who has it, PLEASE e-mail me. I have plenty to trade

Here's the DC setlist for whoever wants it, although I did send it to
Charlie, along with the Philly setlist. If it's not up on Sweet Adeline
yet, I'm sure it will be soon.

Black Cat, DC 2/20/00
Son of Sam
Pretty Mary K
southern Belle
Nighttime (Big Star)
Rose Parade
St. Ides Heaven
Everything Means Nothing to Me
Needle in the Hay
Say Yes
The Biggest Lie

Encore 1:
Taking the Easy Way Out
independance Day
Big Nothing

Encore 2:
Last Call
I figured You Out


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