elliott new york 2/22/00

SET LIST (from Ezra):
1.  son of sam
2.  happiness
3.  southern belle
4.  between the bars
5.  l.a.
6.  rose parade
7.  pretty mary k
8.  angeles
9.  needle in the hay
10.  say yes
11.  waltz #2 xo
12.  st ides heaven
13.  easy way out
14.  independence day
encore 1:
ballad of big nothing
nighttime (big star)
the biggest lie
encore 2:
everything means nothing to me (aborted after 20-30 sec)
last call

From: ezra androphy <era11@columbia.edu>

here y'all go, this was a great show, setlist pretty much in line with
the past few dates. the venue was beautiful, amazing acoustics,
although kinda weird for elliott (and the rest of us too probably) in
that usually you're seeing him in a small-ish smoke-filled room, crowded
together near the stage, straining to see, etc. while tonight there were
plush seats, a balcony, people wearing funny looking outfits like they
were in the military that sat you, and everything. he made a couple
references to the interesting venue, but he sounded great. here goes:

2/22/00, Town Hall, NYC, NY
son of sam
southern belle
between the bars
rose parade
pretty mary k
needle in the hay
say yes
waltz #2 xo
st ides heaven
easy way out
independence day

encore 1:
ballad of big nothing
nighttime (big star)
the biggest lie

encore 2:
everything means nothing to me (aborted after 20-30 sec)
last call

peace out.

From: "Kevin Bannon" <the_karma_police@hotmail.com>

I had not seen Elliott play an acoustic set since just after the whole
oscars/miss misery thing had happened. I was not really into playing guitar
back then and I had only purchased either/or at the time. What an amazing
thing it was to see him play that way again and to know almost every song by
heart, and to truly appreciate all the remarkable intricacies of his guitar
playing. He really does some unusual stuff, and he does it well. I loved
the new songs too, they seem much more abstract and stylistic than his
former songs. I can only imagine what the fully orchestrated versions will
be like. I had the opportunity to see Elliott a few times last year in
Europe when he played, because I was at school over there at the time, and I
think that by the end of that huge tour, his electric style playing had
really tightened up quite a bit. This upcoming tour, I expect nothing but
the best.

I thought the Town Hall show was beautiful. The perfect mix of intimacy and
formalness, it was a nice change from a typical "rock" show atmosphere. Am
I the only one who almost fell out of their seat at some of ES's comments?
At one point, he was saying something about the formalness and size of the
venue, and some girl yells out "But at least we can see you Elliott!" and
he smiles and sort of makes this nervous sound and says "Hmmm, I can see you
too." It was pure comedy to me. Then when he was playing Everything means
nothing to me, about 30 seconds into it, he tried holding a note out, and
his voice just failed him and he had to choke/cough. Even he was laughing,
not to mention the crowd, and he looks up after a good hack, and says, "Oh,
you like that one, huh?" Comical. It was good to hear some old classics
and how he has adjusted them to live play. I couldn't believe all the
percussive and rhythmic additions that he has made to the songs. The hook
me right in. Definately a heart warming experience.

Did anyone from this list happen to make a recording of the show, or know
someone who has? I would be very interested in a trade, I have a few things
I would be able to trade, and some interesting non-Elliott stuff that I
could also trade. Or perhaps we can work something else out. I'm
interested in any copies of any of the recent acoustic gigs, so anyone who
reads this is interested in that, email me! It's been too long since there
was any Elliott shows to talk about trading!

send possible trade emails to: kbannon@eden.rutgers.edu