elliott seattle 2/23/99


From: Myen1gma@aol.com
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 13:47:46 EST

It was an amIazing show last night. #2 opened with great set!! Thier songs are
alot like the later Heatmiser stuff. The show was obnoxiously packed I hope
next time around he plays a theater, the show price may go up a bit but it
would be worth it.
here's an incident I witnessed last night--
I was coming out of the bathroom and there was some guy talking to Elliott ,
seemed a bit annoyed and tried to leave the conversation then this guy started
grabbing Elliott like some crazed fan. a security guy stepped in and pushed
away while Elliott slipped backstage.-------- I had heard that Elliott was
going to have a five peice this time around . the group was Elliott, Pauly and
Sam. they were very tight I thought the were more rockin w/ Pauly on drums.
here's the setlist from lastnight's show I also have quite a few photos to be
and a recording of the show. The set started out with an intro thing I didn't
ballad of big nothing, independence day, speed trials, new song - a loving
will, xo, new song - son of sam, bled white ,cupids trick, baby britain,
stupidity tries, bottle up and explode, tom's start, I didn't understand, the
white lady loves you more, new song ?, say yes, christian bros., and sweet
adeline - I fill you in on tonights show


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