elliott minneapolis 2/25/00

From: "Todd Fugere" fugeretodd@uswest.net

Someone asked for a review of the 400 Bar show. Am I the only Minneapolis
listee? Here goes, I'll do my best.

Elliott opened with Son of Sam. Which was amazing. He went into Happiness
and a few other new songs (I can't remember right now). It is amazing to me
how a sardine-packed bar can hush to a complete silence while he plays. My
breathing felt loud. Elliott's voice was incredible. His guitar playing was
right on the money. He did manage to screw up Pretty Mary K. He had to kill
it halfway through. The crowd was kinda comical. There was a girl (right
next to my ear) who managed to hoot/scream at the beginning of EVERY song.
It got very annoying. Surprised she didn't get the hint when people were
laughing at her. Someone else shouted out Son of Sam. Elliott responded "I
already played that?" With a really puzzled look on his face. I had the
perfect spot. I could see everything. Made eye contact with Elliott several
times during the show. Highlights were St. Ides Heaven, Last Call, Between
the Bars, etc. its hard to pick cuz they were all good. I thought he could
have played a little longer. He did two encores, two songs each. Finished
with that Big Star song. Really great show. Very emotional. If anyone taped
it, let me know!