elliott portland 2/29/00

elliottsean.jpg (125124 bytes)Janice Ordal
Elliott played a song with Sean Croghan, at the request of an audience member.

From: "rah rah replica" diopter@teleport.com

We decided to get to the show early, so I could try to get a seat. I decided on the stage, as my
seat, so that I could take a couple pictures. I didn't want to use a flash if I didn't have to. I
used flash on about half the shots and no flash on the others. No matter how good my
camera and/or film, I just don't trust night shots w/o flash.

Let me first say that I was very impressed w/Satyricon. Shows there can sometimes go on
forever, w/huge breaks in between. They moved everyone right along.

I enjoyed Jane L (name?). Her music was Lois-y, to me. At least in that category -- good
female vox (w/o a lot of vibrato) and mellow sing-songy, poppy songs.

I loved Larry Yes. I had never seen him. He did some songs on his own, some w/a female
vox and some w/a band. He reminded me of Jason Traeger a lot (like Lois, he's also on K
Records). He just has stage "presence" (if you can call it presence) that's very cute, quirky,
almost child-like. He writes songs that are very simple, in form and meaning. I could see
how people wouldn't like him, maybe thinking that he was sort of, well, dorky, but I thought
he was darling. He was just charming. I liked him. He kept mentioning that he liked
Portland and us as an audience. After reading how they treated him in Seattle I now
understand why.

Elliott was superb as usual. I have to confess to this list that I thought my number of
Elliott shows was up to about 25. I just tried to reconstruct my list and can only come up
w/18 times I've seen him. Regardless, I've seen him a lot...I thought his voice was close to
the best I've heard it -- just so strong and clear. As far as the whole package (i.e., music,
voice, venue, crowd), I thought it was a midrange show. For the encore, a couple people
from the audience (ahem, Jason) asked Elliott to sing something w/Sean Croghan. Elliott
hesitated and said that he didn't know if Sean would want to do that. Someone yelled "hey
Sean" and Sean came out. They talked about a couple songs to sing, while Sam Coomes
peaked his head out from backstage. Sounded like Sean suggested quite a few before Elliott
would agree to one. Then they played the Beatles song someone mentioned earlier. The
highlights were the Sean Croghan appearance and the song "LA".

Set List was in that similar order as the last few shows...(not in order)
songs: Son of Sam, Happiness, Southern Belle, LA, Rose Parade, Pretty Mary K, Say Yes,
Needle in the Hay, Color Bars, Last Call. Encores (I think): Ballad of Big Nothing, St.
Ides, Independence Day. I'm sure I forgot a few and maybe Independence and Big Nothing
were at the end of the regular set (had one too many Screwdrivers I guess)


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Elliott Smith Show Reviews: http://www.teleport.com/~odrane/elliottshows.htm

From: "carole reichstein" c_reichstein@hotmail.com

Actually, Sean and Elliott sang "I'm only Sleeping" at the Satyricon show.
They forgot a verse in the middle of it, and Elliott said, "shit, what's the
next line??!" Everyone laughed, but they recovered nicely. It was so sweet,
how Sean kept kissing the top of Elliott's head. Heh!

Elliott looks like he's gained a few pounds. Good! ;)

Back to lurker mode,


From: Marie Dietrich cloudspit@excite.com

warning: this is a bit of a long rambling on topic/off topic post, delete if
you'd rather not read....

I was quite overjoyed to acquire a ticket from a fellow onelist member
(Jason)since Fastixx was "sold out". I showed up about an hour & 15 minutes
early. Back in the ol' days that wasn't necessary but the times they are a
changin'. I listened to the multitudes of conversation being that I was by
myself. I learned that the girl behind me didn't have a ticket. I was
tempted to turn around and say, "well your shit outta luck because the show
is sold out" but being the nice and uber shy girl that I am I kept my mouth
closed. This is about the time that my bladder troubled me for the first
time-a few beers before the show. I was cold and had to pee but damn it i
was going to see elliott smith. So upon arriving at the door of Satyricon
after a long hour & 15 minutes of waiting I learned that they indeed did
have tickets available at the door. I was a bit upset because I had told a
friend not to come because getting tickets would be next to impossible but
then again I'm sure those extra tickets made some people very happy. So now
i'm inside and i gamble....run for the stage or go to the bathroom? The
bathroom won. Upon returning I find myself fairly close with a decent view.
The opening act, the one that janice refered to as Lois-y, was pretty good.
But after a Pabst I find that I have to pee, AGAIN. So I leave my decent
view and head to the bathroom and then the bar for another Pabst. Larry Yes
has begun and now i'm somewhere off to the side and in the middle of a flock
of tall people (i'm not that short but these people just seemed huge).
Larry yes was very witty, charismatic, kind to the audience and he had a
great back up vocalist. It was fun music that I might listen to at a show
or on a mixed tape but I'm not sure that I would go out and buy the cd. So
by the end of his set, once again my bladder is screaming. I'm beginning to
look like a kid squirming around trying to hold it until Elliott comes on.
I made it past Elliott's first song and then ran to the bathroom like a
little girl. So for the rest of the show I listened to Elliott while
standing next to the bathroom door. The good side to this is that Neil Gust
and Janet Wiess were also standing there & Elliott sounds good from anywhere
in the room. The downside was that I couldn't see him interact with the
crowd & the fraternity boy standing next to me talking about refridgerators.
When a fellow audience member asked him to be quite he pushed her and said
"fuck elliott smith" then bulldozed through the crowd. The songs that he
played have pretty much already been listed. It was a nice little treat to
hear Sean and Elliott sing together again (was that your request jason?)
especially a Beatles song. I also learned a lesson: next time I'm wearing a
catheter. In closing, elliott was amazing per the usual, perhaps even a
little more amazing this particular night. I will most certainly be at the
next show in April at the Crystal Ball room. I was hoping to run into a few
list members there but to no avail. until next time....xo
Miss Marie

From: Jason McQuilliams jajamcq@worldnet.att.net

allright, everybody else has commented on the satyricon show so i'll do
the same! this will be pretty boring, as it's primarily intended to
entertain my friends that couldn't make it to the show...
i showed up with another listee a couple of hours early but there was
no line so we threw down some beer at the adjacent bar. elliott and
joanna came in, got a beer, then went back to the club. i attempted to
sweet talk matt dickel (of dickel bros. fame)...a failed attempt to get
some free alcohol.
anyhow, we went outside and stood behind the few boys that had gathered
by the door. there were 50 tickets left for the lucky few that got there
early! elliott was just inside, playing some race car video game but
unfortunately i wasn't quick enough and missed an interesting photo op.
he came outside with a few friends and headed off to hung far low's (i
assume) for drinks. larry yes showed up and i convinced him to pose in
front of the marquis. a few girls from dots cafe cut into the line with
me, the doors opened, we stocked up on beer, and i was at the stage...
j hell rocked as usual, this time with a full backing band. larry yes
was better than ever, and had a full band too. (several listees were up
front marie, but i never saw you!) the night moved right along and
before i knew it elliott was on stage. thanks to a tolerant crowd my
waitress was able to navigate back and forth keeping everyone's drinks
filled to the brim. shit-faced as i was, i think i managed to take some
decent photos!
the first thing i noticed was that elliott wasn't as chunky as the last
time he came through town. maybe he's slowed down on the drinking? heh!
during the encore he handed his cigarette to my date, an old friend of
his, and we passed it back and fourth... i picked up the setlist, which
read as follows:

son of sam - happiness - southern belle - between the bars - everything
means nothing to me - LA+ - rose parade - i figured you out - last call
- pretty mary k - color bars - say yes - needle in the hay - i better be
quiet now

then for the encore: independence day - big nothing - night time
2nd encore: st. ides heaven - i'm only sleeping - *new*

elliott didn't mess up a single song, which i found to be a little
disappointing... we love the foul ups! at least he started playing st.
ides heaven then stopped and said "oh, it's all out of tune!" in the
cutest possible way. when he finished that song i asked him to play sean
croghan's "space room." first elliott said he didn't know it, but

elliott: "i do but i can't sing it like him."
me: "have him come out then! we know he's back there!"
elliott: "if he wants to, i think he's going to be too shy to do that"
me: "hey sean! come sing us a song, man!"

then sean came out looking confused and after a quick huddle with
elliott they busted into the beatles cover with half the crowd backing
up on vocals.... at one pause, elliott told sean: "you've got to get
closer to the mic!"
after the show, i went to the boys room for some relief and found
myself using a urinal between to old men. as i reached into my fly i
apologized for coming between them and their conversation. they said it
was okay and i was welcome to join in! one guy was complaining about the
fact that everyone was talking in the back of the room, as if they
weren't even there to see elliott. we spoke for a minute, then as i
intoduced myself and said goodnight he introduced himself as elliott's
dad. "duh," i thought. they look exactly the same. he's really proud of
his son, by the way!
the night was pretty much over then. i ran around bothering friends i
never see, then conversed with neil before heading to the adjacent bar
for one last drink and a cab ride home... elliott was there, of course,
looking happy to be amongst his friends in a familiar bar...


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