elliott san francisco 3/1/00

Set List (from Charlie):
son of sam
southern belle
between the bars
rose parade
everything means nothing to me
i figured you out
pretty mary k
say yes
color bars
needle in the hay
? ("i'm still here if you want me"
amazing song!!!)
encore 1
independence day
ballad of big nothing
st ides heaven
encore 2

From: "the enemy is you" waltz2@hotmail.com

anyway i just want to give a shot out to carl. it was cool meeting u too. i
hope u get to go to quasi. i dont have an extra :( sorry. i have to say and
i dont know if elliott played this song too in portland, because jason wrote
that the setlist had a new song, but elliott played this rad song that i
have no clue what its called but it had this line "i'm still here if you
want me". it was sooo good i hope it comes out in some form. it was funny
too that jason elliott didnt mess up too, when i walked out of the show, i
thought exactly the same! aww elliott is getting too good hehe. i think he
is only musician including quasi that can get away with messing it up,
because its funny for some reason. the whole show was great, people were
really respectful. i have to crack up though when elliott asks what song he
should play everyone just yells things out and he then goes into a song no
one requested. he did it once with angeles though. some dork was yelling for
that miss amanda song. it was annoying hehe. speaking of annoying. so this
guy just did went crazy paparazzi style on elliott with camera during one
song. tons of flashes. i cant see how elliott still played perfectly even
though he must saw wierd shapes in his eyes. oh the clincher where these
girls in back. they were on the stage singing with elliott so loud and out
of tune that i couldnt believe he didnt turn around to tell them that he
didnt need a back up group. i thought i was listening to a bagpipe singing
elliott tunes. it was kinda laughable how bad they sang. i looked over and
caught one of their eyes because i was wondering what that was hehe. she
stopped until the next song. kinda going back the beginning though i was
worried because the guitar was working at first because of the box it the
guitar. i think elliott is big in making sure the sound is good and stuff
and he seemed really frustrated at first, but he/we began to laugh because
he tried to talk in the mic and nothing came out either. i never had a bad
time at an elliott show. wow i cant believe i wrote a novel!

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