elliott atlanta 3/17/99

From: "electric idiot" sebadoh@bigfoot.com

I just got back from the Elliott concert. From hearing all of you talk about
this tour, I didn't expect this show to be as good as the last, but it turned
out to be a little bit better. A few songs I don't like so much on the album
("Bled White," "Baby Britain") turned out really great.

(BEFORE I FORGET: Did anyone tape it? -Please- email me.)

About halfway through the show I decided I -had- to stay and try to meet him.
When the last song was over ("Division Day"), I ran back to the mixing board and
got a setlist, and then waited outside by the bus for about thirty minutes.
About ten of us were there. And he came out, and I was just in awe. I was sort
of shaking, and my heart was beating really fast, I'm pretty sure I had this
really goofy grin on my face-- I'm really surprised I didn't have a stroke.
(That would have been really embarassing, to have a stroke in front of Elliott
Smith.) So I was the third in line. I got up to him, and offered up my setlist,
and grabbed someone's pen. He asked my name, and I told him that he's amazing
and that this is a big deal for me. Sort of uneventful, but it was really really
amazing. I mean, I shook his hand and he signed my paper and I met him. Wow.

It's kind of funny, after he signed my setlist he gave back the pen, but he
didn't reach very far and I didn't either, so I sort of hesitantly took it from
his hand, but I only got the pen-- he still had the cap. It was awkward, neither
of us wanted to reach. So I get the pen cap from his hand and I'm trying to get
it onto the pen, but I was nervous and excited and everything, so I'm stabbing
the cap with the pen but can't get it to go in. And I'm still standing there in
front of him, holding up the line... at least I didn't drop it-- this was a

So Elliott thinks I'm retarded.

The autographed setlist: being framed tomorrow. Going on my ELLIOTT WALL. (Two
posters, a bunch of magazine articles, the 7"s, etc.)

What I really wanted to tell him was that his music really made a difference to
a lot of people, especially me. He's had such an influence on me, I can't really
explain a lot of it. The most obvious effect of his music is that it's made me
start writing-- I've always been told I'm a good writer (which isn't evident
here), but I've never actually put pen to paper outside school. But over the
past few months I've been writing a journal and working on some plays.

My first work, whatever it is: dedicated to Elliott. It sounds dumb, but I'm

This too may sound dumb, but is it possible to write him a letter? Anyone have
an address? Or is this too creepy and stalker-ish?

That is all.

(sorry i went so long)

From: wagner@mindspring.com

hi guys
last nite's show was awesome, so awesome! to those of you who went, maybe you saw me -- i got
there rather early with another guy that looked kinda like me (my twin) and two girls (one of which
had long striped socks). i wore a short-sleeve royal blue shirt and brown (baggy) cords, i've got
brown hair. here's my review and what happened last nite.
we got there at around 8:00, so we sat down in front, where there were about only 7 other people. i
was kinda surprised, a lot of people were in seats and at the tables on the sides of the room. it didn't
seem to get really crowded until right before the show started. we leaned against the stage right in
front of the drums, it was so cool, we were so close. no. 2 came on at about 8:40, and they were
pretty cool, but they kinda got a little boring after a while. they were on for about a half hour or so.
elliott came on at 9:45 -- the house lights were on (i think) and then they just came out and for a few
seconds nobody really noticed i think. anyway, here's the setlist:

ballad of big nothing
independence day
speed trials
bled white
son of sam
cupid's trick
baby britain
stupidity tries
bottle up and explode
tom's start
pictures of me

say yes

sweet adeline
division day

i was a bit disappointed that elliott was so shy and avoided looking at the crowd so much, i really
wanted to hear him talk to us and stuff. he wore a faded black rolling stones tshirt, red cords, and the
red shoes. oh yeah, the drummer for no. 2 played with elliot, he wore a shirt that had iron-on lettering
which said "IT'S MAGIC". the bassist wore a shirt that said "no. 2" (iron-on lettering) and he had
faded black worn-out jeans. i took my recorder and there's good news and very bad news about my
recording: the good news is that the quality is really good and clear. the bad news is that: 1) when i
took my recorder out (which was when elliott came out), my recorder was fast-forwarding, which i
had no idea why it was doing that so it took a while for it to rewind to the start, in fact it finished in the
middle of "independence day". i was kinda bummed that i didn't get "big nothing." 2) my batteries died
in the middle of "pictures of me," so i didn't get the encores! i was sooo f*cking pissed! i've got this
battery recharger, and i recharged two AA the nite before so that they would be good and ready, and
when i woke up yesterday morning the light was green (which means that they're ready), and then for
some reason they died! damndamndamn! he played two encores, the first one was just him and his
guitar, which was really cool. when he came out for the first one he was smoking a cigarette and had a
beer (i think). he never looked at the audience when he walked out! it's just like angela's story. i'm not
100% sure that those are the songs that he played in the encores -- can someone help me out? oh
yeah, the whole band came out for the second encore, and they had trouble with the microphones or
something, so elliott said "okay, we'll just play an instrumental," but then they fixed whatever problem
there was. in the first encore, before "say yes" (i'm pretty sure that it was before 'say yes'), elliott said
"do you want to hear a sad song or a happy song?" i yelled out 'happy' a couple times, and i think it
was at this point in the show that a bunch of people said stuff like "play metallica! play a whole album!
freebird!" seriously, some people yelled those out, it was funny. so then after "clementine" he waved
like a kid and said "thanks for coming" or something.
after the show was over and the lights went on, my girlfriend asked this security guard if he would give
her elliott's setlist, he was nice and gave it to her, and then she gave it to me! (don't think that i stole
my girlfriend's setlist -- i introduced her to elliott's music and she hasn't been listening to him that long,
she got "xo" the other day.) so anyway, we went outside to wait for elliott. that was fun. after about 15
minutes the bassist for no. 2 came out to get something out of the bus, and nobody said anything to
her, but when she was over kinda near me i said "hi" and she turned around and said "hey." so that
was kinda cool. about twenty minutes later elliott came out! it was so awesome! there were about 13
people out there, i was the first one to shake his hand and get his autograph, it was pretty cool. i didn't
really know what to say, so i was kinda like "hey," and i stuck out my hand and he shook it and was
like "hey, how ya doing," and i think i said "great show, you're awesome," and handed him my setlist
and he signed it "to David, (star) elliott smith." i was like "wow, thanks a lot man," i think i shook his
hand 3 or 4 times. my brother got the cover of "either/or" signed also. elliott was really nice about
giving autographs and talking to people, really nice. someone asked him "what bands do you like," to
which he replied "i like the beatles, there's a band called quasi that i really like, wire," then someone
asked him if he's heard of ben harper, and elliott was kinda like "uhhh, yeah, i've heard of him." "do
you like him?" "uhhh, yeah, he's really...he's alright," and then he kinda looked at the guy and made it
clear that he doesn't like him too much or whatever. when the guy asked him that, i wanted to ask him
"what do you think of celine dion?" kinda as a joke, and looking back i wish that i did, but i didn't. i
asked him how long he'd been playing guitar for, and he said "oh, wow, ummmm, i guess about 15
years." and then someone asked him "when's your next album coming out?" and he said "about that
long." it was funny. then he said that it might be out around january. he said something about "that's
how corporate labels do it, they all do it that way," but i didn't really hear what he said. i think it was
something about how the labels won't churn out dozens of records, they want the latest one to sell as
much as it will, something like that, i don't remember. does anyone know what he said?
all in all, it was a great show. my only disappointment was the length of the show -- from start to the
end of the 2nd encore was about an hour -- and that he didn't talk to the crowd much. it was a lot of
fun, i'm definetly seeing him the next time he comes. i'll trade boots with anyone that wants one, but to
tell you the truth i think that you'd be a lot more satisfied with a copy of the entire show. there was a
guy behind me that recorded the show, i don't know if he's on the list or not. my copy's pretty good
quality, but it only has "independence day" through the second verse of "pictures of me." did anyone
else record the show? if so, PLEASE contact me!!!!!!!!!!!!! overall, it was a great experience. once
you've been to his concert you really understand angela's story a lot more. okay, that's it.