elliott nashville 3/19/99


From: jesus egg <jesusegg@juno.com>

the Box Scores

elliott- quiet..shy..maroon pants..red shoes..rolling stones shirt...nice
short hair
sam- he was there..looked bored.. no. 2 shirt
paulie- played the drums..twice
janet- guest appearance on Bled White....watched from the side of the
no. 2 - played for 25 minutes..
overall- short sweet show..nothing really new
JesusEgg (me) - audio taped it..drove 6 hours..tired..sleepy..will post
setlist later today



From: jesus egg jesusegg@juno.com

as promised...ahh..what a few hours of sleep does for the body

Son of Sam
Baby Britain
Cupid's Trick
Bled White (with Janet)
Waltz #2 (XO)
Stupidity Tries
Bottle Up and Explode!
Sweet Adeline
Pictures of Me
Speed Trials
Ballad of Big Nothing
Independence Day (with Janet)

Say Yes
St. Ides Heaven
"It's All About Taking the Easy Way Out For You I Suppose"

Christian Brothers
Division Day (with Janet [i think])

anyone going to Charlotte? have an extra ticket or know where i can get
one? I would almost consider going