elliott washington d.c. 3/23/99

From: Catherine Andrews catherine@virginia.edu

hi hello good evening everyone. i don't know why i'm compelled to
write this since i have enormous amounts of work to do but that's
procrastination for you. anyway my friends ameet, hank and i
drove up from uni of virginia to d.c. last night just to see the
wonderful elliott play at the 9:30 club (one of my fave venues
let's see...we got there at just about 8:30 but were able to
secure spots on our left (where i knew elliott would be standing)
about 3 people back. jr high came on soon after. what to say
about them. they were ok. lots of energy and the lead singer
seemed to have a cool sort of double-jointed neck which allowed
his head to snap very far back and forth. and he broke 2 guitar
strings. but a lot of the songs sounded the same, to me at least,
although i did like a couple of them. mediocre seemed to be our
word of choice for them. not even comparable though to quasi at
the black cat show in october who blew me away. both ameet and
hank are in love with janet. i really wanted her to do some
drumming for elliott but alas it was not to be.
so at around 10 pm (i love punctuality) the lovely elliott came
on. for those who care, he was wearing maroon pants, a maroon
long-sleeved shirt and an old black rolling stones tshirt. and
red adidas sneakers. very color cooridinated ;) umm i have no
idea of the setlist. but everything sounded great. baby britain
was a personal fave. i'm listening to the show right now :)
didn't come out too bad, actually. oh yeah bled white was
great...big nothing, waltz #2, divison day, etc. yay for
everything! and ok, how quickly did that concert go by?? the main
set was over in like 45 minutes. elliott hardly even paused
between any of the songs. but, thankfully, he came out for a solo
encore (i was having terrible visions of no encore whatsoever, a
la belle and sebastian concert at the black cat). he asked what
we wanted to hear, me and like one other person yelled out say
yes, and he played it! beautiful. then played a couple of others,
memory is failing me. then he left again and a few minutes came
out to do another encore with sam and paul. could someone please
post the setlist if they know it offhand? i don't have the
patience to sit through my tape and write down everything, plus i
didn't recognize a few of the songs. i think he played a good bit
of new material.
so the lights went up, i made a half hearted attempt at getting a
setlist (although i think there was only one), and we shoved our
way outta there.
great concert. i don't know if had a better time at the black cat
or this one. but of course, both were great. elliott is a sweet,
unassuming, genius. what lyrics. what guitar skill. gush gush.
ameet and hank kept going on about how young they thought the
crowd was and like making games of counting how many people there
had braces. i didn't really see that although i am younger than
them..just 19. we guessed the average age of the crowd,
surrounding us anyway, was about 17. i wonder what the average
age of elliott fans in general is..i'd guess a lot older. maybe
like early/mid 20s. hmm. but who cares, we were all just there to
enjoy the music. i think ameet was hung up on it cos the week
before we'd gone to the rufus wainwright concert at the 9:30 club
and the crowd there was pretty old. well, comparatively, to
concerts we've gone to before.
oh yeah i have blond hair, was wearing a v-neck white tshirt,
blue cords and chucks. very recognizable, i know. so if you saw
me or think you did, drop me a line or something.


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