elliott philly 3/24/99

From: twinfish@ceres.dti.ne.jp

>Hi all,
>I got back from the States on Saturday, still suffering a bit
>from jet lag. I saw the philly and luckily, the 25th
>nyc show (thanks to an angel who gave me her
>extra ticket when I was waiting in line, in despair).
>Both shows were great--
>Sorry I can't find right english words to express my feeling,
>but every time I see Elliott Smith play live, my heart is filled
>with nothing but thankfulness to him and his music.
>I'm so sorry I missed you, Jen and other Philly listers!!
>(I had copies of Tokyo show tapes for all of you in my backpack...)
>I was at the Philladelphia museum untill 8 o'clock to kill time, and
>when I got in The Trocadero, Jr.High was about to start.
>The venue was packed, and I felt like a lilliputian
>though I'm not so short in Japan. ;)
>Were Elliott and Sam in the audience?! Damn, I was standing
>left side of the sound booth (I think I was near you, Tauna!)
>but I didn't notice them at all...! I saw Janet giving
>the setlist(?) to the sound person, though.
>I want to say "Thank you" to the young girls--if they happen to
>be on the list-- who gave me their taxi on Market st., because
>I was 'by myself'.
>If anyone taped the shows I saw this time, Would you trade for
>Osaka/Tokyo show I have? Email me privately, please.
>Thanks again for everyone who encouraged me to visit the States,
>gave me good advice and helped me out.