elliott amsterdam 4/5/00

Set List:  (Thanks Marie)
Son of Sam
Southern Belle
Easy Way Out
Rose Parade
Pretty Mary K
Needle in the Hay
Everything Means Nothing to Me
Say Yes
Color Bars
Wouldn't Mama be Proud
Between the Bars
Independence Day

encore 1:
Ballad of Big Nothing
Nighttime (? i think... i've seen it listed on other setlists)
Division Day

encore 2:
Last Call

From:  mdiamond22@hotmail.com

this was definitely one of the best shows i've ever seen Elliott play. he
seemed really confident on stage, especially in front of a sold-out foreign
audience. i was happy that the recent setlists showed he'd been playing
quite a few older songs i'd never heard him play live before, like Needle in
the Hay and Last Call. i have mixed feelings about the new material, which i
knew before i went to the show, but Son of Sam and Happiness stood out.
people reponded the most to the Either/Or songs, tho near the end when the
requests started being yelled out, i heard quite a few "Condor Ave"s and "No
Name #6"s. Elliott seemed to be in a good mood and enjoying playing. he
joked a bit with the crowd and smiled a bit when he couldn't get his guitar
tuned properly, telling us "really, you'll be happy i do this now, it'll
sound much better." =) he also seemed to be glad to be showcasing the new
stuff: "do you wanna hear an old song or a new song? well... the old stuff's
good, but the new ones are more fun to play, don't you think?" it was
definitely an adoring crowd, tho, happy he was touring through here again.
plus i had a great spot, only about 3 people back and center, the closest
i've ever gotten to see him play. so, yeah, it was an awesome show, i'm
really thankful he decided to tour around playing only acoustic again.