elliott raleigh, nc, 5/10/00

SET LIST:  (thanks Matt)
Cupid's Trick
JunkBond Trader
Son of Sam
I Didn't Know What to Do
Everything Means Nothing to Me
Question Mark
"I Live in a Cage"
Independence Day
Stupidity Tries(he rocked this song out)
Bled White
Pretty Mary K
Baby Britain
Can't Make a Sound
Lost and Found
Color Bars
Wouldn't Mama Be Proud
I Am My(cover)

From: Matt Storm, belizbeha@hotmail.com

Amazing, and definitely more energetic than the XO show in Charlotte. Elliott played with an intensity that I have neither seen or heard. He looked like he was having one hell of a time with the responsiveness of the crowd.

A great show, though I wish he'd of played some older stuff (I looked forward to Christian Brothers, but it never happened). Anyway, the opening band, Wiskey Biscuit, complemented him well and were a solid band on their own. Very impressive show, and 15 dollars well spent. Thank you for the best web page on the net! Matt Storm, belizbeha@hotmail.com

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