elliott new york city 5/18/00



"Roscoe Willis" smilodectes@hotmail.com

I was at all three of the NY shows, and although I do agree completely with the weird vibe feelings of Thursday, the other two were AMAZING!!! (That's the only word I ever seem to have for his shows, but I just can't think of a stronger word.) I don't know what was with Thursday. I think it was something in the air or something, because I don't think it was Elliott. He totally noticed it too, as someone said, and I think it was one of those eerie collective vibes that was just out there, and wouldn't go away! The music was still great, and Whisky Biscuit was quite hilarious, so it was still a great great night. About Whisky Biscuit- they're finally growing on me! I think you need to listen to them a lot before that happens, (maybe?) but I really like Jason's voice! The rhythm guy actually seemed to be on the beat this time, too, which is an improvement over previous times I've seen them! And yeah, they're on tour with Elliott because he let (invited?) them, not because Dreamworks is pushing them. They said that on Thursday, and thanked him profusely. I guess he refused to bring whoever Dreamworks suggested.

Friday- WOW. I have nothing else to say. Too bad I'm not Steve, I can't put it into words, but trust me on this one- WOW. Anybody else there? AND- the dancers were really great! I think it added a casual, goofy element to the show, and it was just funny. (you could tell that they were friends of E's, I mean, they weren't hired people or anything!) The crowd was SO into the entire show. I've never heard such a loud, (good loud,) crowd, and Elliott kept smiling when people would break into a roar in the middle of non-lyrical verses or whatever. And- unlike Thursday, I didn't have someone standing right next to me singing every word in my ear! I almost thought he was coming out for a third encore, but then they pulled down the screen.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling message, but I just had to throw my two cents in! Oh, and don't listen to that guy who continually has shitty things to say about someone he's supposed to be a fan of, the new song "Pretty (Ugly Before)" is sorta a throw-back to the great simplicity of his earlier songs, and I absolutely love it. I think it's my new favorite.