elliott new york city 5/19/00

Set List (thanks Helen):
Everything Means Nothing to Me
Cupid's Trick
Can't Make A Sound
Son of Sam
Pretty Mary K
Bled White
new song
A Question Mark
Wouldn't Mama Be Proud?
Junk Bond Trader
In the Lost and Found (Honky Bach)
Pretty (Ugly Before)
Stupidity Tries
Ballad of Big Nothing
Independence Day
Last Call

I thought they played 3 new songs, so I might have missed one.

From: biskinikill@aol.com

ok.....so i'm not gonna write up a whole long review of last night's show b/c someone else will inevitably write a better one. but, it was amazing. truly, truly, truly outrageous. it was my first live elliott experience since i always was a-travelin' (peru, visiting my brother @ college) during his ny tour stops. the evening started off awesome since i was w/ my two best friends (short girl w/ black hair and a magenta-ish sweater, tall dirty-blond girl w/....black cardigan maybe? and i was probably that short, annoying girl singing behind you wearing khakis, red tank top, black long-sleeved shirt @ times, brown hair half up...did i mention annoying?). the line was super long (soooooo many dedicated fans! so, i was happy, not pissed we were so far back) and this guy checked ppl in line for id for drinking. BUT, since my friends and i are really dumb, we thought he was checking for 16+ so we whipped out our licenses (and in the case of my friend alison, her learner's permit!), which say "UNDER 21" in big red letters. the guy scrutinized mine, which really clearly had my y.o.b. as 1983, looked back and forth from it to me, then wrapped a bracelet around my wrist. a few minutes later, we realized it said "OVER (not under, as we'd assumed) 21." I guess the guy was checking to see if the id looked fake, assuming we'd only give him an id that corresponded to drinking, so he never checked the year, just the picture and aesthetic authenticity. SCORE! i was psyched and surprised, since i really look no older than my age. i love careless bouncers. so, even if you're not over 21, try it anyway. maybe you'll luck out.

cut to show....this part others will fill in. it was amazing tho. i just can't get over it. he wore a hat, which made me sad b/c i wanted to see his face. he was the cutest when he sang lost and found...he didn't have his guitar, so he looked like he didn't know what to do w/ his hands, and just put them in his front pockets. he looked so adorable! like a little kid w/ a solo at a school recital or something. i loved sam's shirt.......hobbit...... i wanted to meet both of them after, but we were rushed out after buying shirts and stuff.

anyone tape the show? i really want a copy of "i me mine." one of my favorite covers.......yummy.

i didn't really try to meet anyone from the list since i've been too busy lately w/ my paper's layout this week to read posts carefully, but i kinda chatted w/ two girls (or women..they looked like they deserved those bracelets!) who tried to meet their friend closer up front but couldn't really push through, so they stood near me and my friend. first i was pissed they got in front of me, but they were so sweet.....plus i could see as well either way, so i got over my kinda-silent hissy fit..so sorry if i was catty in the beginning, if you guys are on the list.

the worst part of the night was missing the 12:30 train after being caught by the cops jumping the turnstile. we only had 2 ppl's worth of fare on our combined cards, we had 10 minutes to get to gct, and there wasn't a card fill-up machine and we were too dumb to think there might be another entrance. we also weren't completely w/ it. but $60 instead of $1.50!!! ridiculous! i feel like such an outlaw. i almost laughed b/c i thought the cops were kidding.....the badge looked so fake, like "my first police outfit" from playskool or something. whoops.

ok, i am rambling now and i'm sorry if you read all of this garble. i'm going to go nap now and dream about s-k on mon and tues. anyone else going?

fa la la alli www.angelfire.com/ny2/shatter

From: Tunes324@aol.com

Hey all,

I wish that I could give a decent review of friday's Irving plaza show, but sadly I had to miss half of it. To make the last train back to my not-very-populated area of NJ, I had to leave the show after Elliott sang "In the lost & found". The crowd seemed good to me and not weird like Thursday was supposed to be, and it was definetly worth seeing just a few songs and getting the cute blue t-shirt.

- Tauna

ps: If the girl who I gave my ticket stub to after I left is on the list, I hope that you were able to get in.

From: "Roscoe Willis" smilodectes@hotmail.com

I was at all three of the NY shows, and although I do agree completely with the weird vibe feelings of Thursday, the other two were AMAZING!!! (That's the only word I ever seem to have for his shows, but I just can't think of a stronger word.) I don't know what was with Thursday. I think it was something in the air or something, because I don't think it was Elliott. He totally noticed it too, as someone said, and I think it was one of those eerie collective vibes that was just out there, and wouldn't go away! The music was still great, and Whisky Biscuit was quite hilarious, so it was still a great great night. About Whisky Biscuit- they're finally growing on me! I think you need to listen to them a lot before that happens, (maybe?) but I really like Jason's voice! The rhythm guy actually seemed to be on the beat this time, too, which is an improvement over previous times I've seen them! And yeah, they're on tour with Elliott because he let (invited?) them, not because Dreamworks is pushing them. They said that on Thursday, and thanked him profusely. I guess he refused to bring whoever Dreamworks suggested.

Friday- WOW. I have nothing else to say. Too bad I'm not Steve, I can't put it into words, but trust me on this one- WOW. Anybody else there? AND- the dancers were really great! I think it added a casual, goofy element to the show, and it was just funny. (you could tell that they were friends of E's, I mean, they weren't hired people or anything!) The crowd was SO into the entire show. I've never heard such a loud, (good loud,) crowd, and Elliott kept smiling when people would break into a roar in the middle of non-lyrical verses or whatever. And- unlike Thursday, I didn't have someone standing right next to me singing every word in my ear! I almost thought he was coming out for a third encore, but then they pulled down the screen.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling message, but I just had to throw my two cents in! Oh, and don't listen to that guy who continually has shitty things to say about someone he's supposed to be a fan of, the new song "Pretty (Ugly Before)" is sorta a throw-back to the great simplicity of his earlier songs, and I absolutely love it. I think it's my new favorite.


From: jaime@wspworld.com

Hey all,

Anyone at the Thursday night show in New York -- comments? I got a real weird vibe there, unlike any Elliott show I'd seen before -- I don't know, it seemed like people were distracted or something. And Elliott mentioned something and asked if the crowd was okay, and then sort of raced through the show, I thought. One encore too, not two. Am I the only one who thought this?

From: Yanks2182@aol.com

hey. I was there last night. it was my first time seeing elliott and I knew something was wrong. of course, elliott and the band sounded great. it just seemed that there was no emotion at the show. I don't know what it was, but it just seemed "dead". I wish I could see him tonight but tickets are sold out. there were a bunch of songs from XO that I wanted to hear, and he never played them. it bothers me since he played them the night before. does anyone from the show have a setlist from last night's show? would you mind posting it? thanks

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