elliott montreal 5/22/00


Set List:  (thanks Michelle)
Son of Sam
Bled White
Junk Bond trader
Everything means nothing to me
Cupid's trick
Sweet adeline
Stupidity tries
In the lost and found
Pretty (ugly before)
Independence day
Ballad of big nothing
Color bars (on acoustic guitar)
Can't make a sound

say yes (solo acoustic)
between the bars (solo acoustic)
biggest lie (solo acoustic and one of my super favorites)
I me mine with the band and the elec. guitar.

From: M Wallace michellewallace@earthlink.net

Montreal. venue was not very crowded at all. kinda nice. It felt small and intimate (even though the stage was really damn large and tall and the room was big) because there was space to move around even right in front. amazing. It didn't even come close to selling out. mostly people sat in the table seating around the periphery of the club and the floor was pretty open. especially open during wiskey biscuit's set. I was right in the front and hung out with this great couple from Montreal who had come down to see the Vermont show too. elliott seemed still in really good spirits. talked a bit about his inability to speak French and being in Montreal. didn't really ask for requests except once asked "do you want a happy or a sad song" towards the end of the night and then played say yes. show including encore was a bit under 1 hr and 15 minutes. early on some folks in the back started shouting for between the bars and saying "we love you elliott". so elliott says "I love you too, but that's a solo song and the whole band's up here now". cute. sam seemed a tiny bit off or something. kept making these funny, "that sucked" eye rolling faces at elliott after a few songs but elliott seemed to not feel the same. not sure what sam was upset about because I thought they all sounded great. Here's the set list:


I saw a copy of the set list after the show and it was exactly the same as my list for the main show but the encore was different. I love that. original encore list had; wouldn't mama be proud, waltz #1, and two others, I think easy way out and then I me mine which he did play. right as the band came out for I me mine he said "okay, we have one more in us and that's all" and someone shouted Baby Britain and he says to the band, mostly to aaron, "oh, we can play that one can't we? let's play that one instead". they played about 3 notes of it and elliott interrupts saying "no lets play a cover. it'll be more fun" and they play I me mine. then the smile, then the wave, then the kisses blown and more waves and it was over. elliott wore the black limousine service t-shirt with the "A" on it both nights. hanging around with the montreal couple was fun. they were super nice and the woman grabbed a guitar pick off the stage and gave it to me. I learned from them (photography buffs and musicians) that the kind of pick elliott uses, your traditional fender, is the only pick made of whatever photo film is made of. it's flammable and supposedly has a warmer sound than any other pick. will have to do a sound comparison... my friend and I and the Montreal couple hung out and talked out front and elliott came out. he was stopped a few feet from us by some rather drunk kids and others, and one older seemingly homeless man just walking by whom elliott talked to for about 5 minutes and then warmly hugged goodbye. he was still chatting with people and signing autographs and the like when I left. I said thanks and waved goodbye. I have been smiling and humming the parts of pretty (ugly before) that I can remember ever since.michelle