elliott detroit 5/24/00

From: MissKlaatu subrosa@golden.net

Which of course was in the next country over, in beautiful downtown Detroit. (How could it be not beautiful with Elliott being there?) Completely sold out, filled with sweating people (it was HOT) we almost couldn't get close to the stage, but with some good-natured pushing and shoving back and forth, we finally did get to second/third row centre. The three tallest people in the building WERE standing right in front of the stage (and us), but at least they weren't singing. I'm one that likes to hear Elliott's voice exclusively, unless the whole crowd starts singing along. Which I guess rarely happens. (It could be fun, though.)

BTW The Minders were decidedly a better fitting opening band, for several reasons, it seemed. But I don't care for them this way or the other, so that's all I'm going to say about that.

Unlike the good Canadian citizens, the US audience got two-sided posters from the walls (not me) and T-shirts (me). And a longer, but somewhat less precise performance from Elliott and Co. As Julie pointed out, they were probably wiped out from partying too hard the night before; you know, last gig with Wicked Buzzkid etc. (Limousine shirt, what, four days in row now?) Elliott even _almost_ made a mistake in "Say Yes", which was cute. Did he forget the lyrics or just wasn't ready to sing the next verse, I don't know. But he kept strumming the guitar while figuring out what to do next, which was to go on as if nothing had happened. Hey, at least the song lasted a few beats longer. :)

The setlist was somewhat different from the night before; for example no "Amity" but yes "Ballad Of Big Nothing" (yes!) and "Cupid's Trick", which prompted me to approach Elliott afterwards (I swear it was my only reason) to ask about the mystery lyrics. I presented him with a few variations, asking him how close I was. He tried to get out of it with a brilliantly coy smile, saying he didn't really want to expose those particular lyrics, but at the end he couldn't bear to see me leave answerless; possibly imagined me (yeah, right) tossing and turning in bed, pondering this burning question... and gave in. Sweet man. And the answer is 42.

Man, this post is really getting long now.

So anyway, two ultimately great evenings. Now it's back to reality, boo. But seeing him always keeps me going for a while. Thank you, Elliott.