elliott seattle 5/31/00

Set List
(thanks Spent Bullets):
son of sam
junk bond trader
2:45 am
bled white
everything means nothing to me
cupid's trick
bottle up and explode
in the lost and found
ballad of big nothing
independance day
pretty (ugly before)
sweet adeline
stupidity tries
can't make a sound

pretty mary k
wouldn't mama be proud?
color bars (acoustic)
care of cell 44 (a zombies cover)

From: Spentbullets@aol.com

After a short set by the Minders, Elliott came out and opened with Son of Sam, then played for just about an hour. The place was packed, but the new style of the Showbox made for a comfortable experience. I stood on the far end of the stage, Sam Coomes side (which was the place to be, Sam is always fun to watch).

I was amazed at how perfectly the new Figure 8 songs were recreated in the live setting. The keyboardist had a busy night, sharing time on 2nd guitar as well as keys. But the main highlight of the night was simply finally seeing a full band show. The band perfomed a cover of the Zombies song "Care of Cell 44" during the encore. 9/10