elliott san francisco 6/6/00

Set List:  (thanks Charlie)
son of sam
junk bond trader
bled white
everything means nothing to me
cupid's trick
bottle up and explode!
in the lost and found
pretty (ugly before)
indpendence day
ballad of big nothing
stupidity tries
pretty mary k
a question mark
2:45 am
sweet adeline
wouldnt mama be proud
cant make a sound
st ides heaven
needle in the hay
? the zombies cover i think with dancers and minders

From: "nati bati yi" damaged@sinking.org

> oh, and elliott wore the same t-shirt both nights.

so did sam. i don't know about the rest of the members.

i'm surprised you guys were on the left side of the stage. where's your sam loyalty? there were actually two people in front of me that i remembered from the october quasi show. they bounced around a lot then, but were muched more subdued tonight.

i can't decide which night was better. both nights he ignored my pleas for harvest moon and thirteen. he didn't play last call at EITHER show, which i had really been looking forward to hearing. but he played st. ides heaven and needle in the hay tonight, which are my two favourite songs (at least off that record), so all is well.

what was the cover they played at the end? everyone came on stage for that; the band, the minders (minus joanna--maybe she can't sing?), the dancers... the cute punk rock dancer was still there, but the other one from last night had to go back to new york.. and he was replaced with some chick. she danced better than the guy last night, but no one can top the cute punk rock boy. i talked to him briefly after both shows. he's great. if he hasn't already worked in a strip club, he should.

the dancers were great inspirtation. they got my body moving.

not much of a change in the setlist. monday might have been a better show just because i wasn't there long enough for the back pain to kick in. but i really liked seeing the minders tonight. they're such a fun band. joanna needs to look happier.

and they had the blue shirt with the shoes on it tonight. yay.

natasha. xox. + sinking DOT org

From: annie ichi ayichikawa@ucdavis.edu

Hello, everyone!

I just got back from the show... a MUCH delayed return at that. Many wrong turns and closed ramps, with the added bonus of a spilting headache, but french fries at Giant Burger made it better. :)

Anyway, the show was excellent. Elliott plays much more "rockin'" songs than he used to. It's kind of diappointing to see everyone in the audience just sorts apathetically standing there. Gotta shake yo groove thang, i say! (If anyone know that cover song at the end, post it!)

Yes, punk rock dancing boy was cute and happy, but that girl annoyed me. She didn't look like she was having a good time--to concerned with looking "good."

Here's something crazy, I took my friend to the show even though he didn't have a ticket. He was just gonna look for one outside the Fillmore. This GUY just randomly comes up to him and offers him a FREE ticket WITH a BACKSTAGE PASS. He was on the Minders guest list and his +1 was going to go to waste, so it was my friend's. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I have to say, I was a little bitter because 1.) I don't even think this boy has more than one of his albums 2.) I went out of my way to pick him up 3.) Me, the avid fan, had to pay and he got to go backstage while I waited around for him? Oh well, it's all good. I'm home and bed awaits me.

cheers, anne

p.s. yay! i saw elliott tonight. :)

From:  waltz2@hotmail.com

so the next day i get there earlier at 5 because i stayed in the sf area.
same thing with the line. everyone kept to themselves. then julie drysdale
(another list member) came because we emailed each other about hanging out.
so we hanged out. joe came by for a few seconds with his wife. so we hanged
out for a few. then i got a chance to met brian and his girlfriend amy too
from the list and which is was really cool too. i wish we could have talked
longer. well to make a long story short i got some all access passes, so
julie and i got to get in early. so we got in and it was cool because we
went to the merch table and were able to get tshirts and julie was able to
get a posters and a window sticker too. so we got to get some great space on
the floor before the doors opened. it was funny because julie and i are just
standing in front of the stage all alone camped out in disbelief and joanna
bolme comes out and she goes back she looks at us, so i smiled and she just
gave us a smirk like 'whats up with these two?' hehe

so everyone start flooding in and got to met up with carl again and joe was
a person behind me. this time around the minders were the only openers and
again they were great. elliott played on 2 songs. i had my camera on this
one because i forgot it the day before and this girl i met from another
elliott fan who emailed me when sweet adeline first started said she was
photographer. anyway i used up the rest of my role on the minders and put in
a new one for elliott. so i told her if she felt inspired by a shot to take
it. the lame thing is if you were in front u could see the setlist. it was
hard to miss since the guy who was putting them down was flashing it to
everyone. elliott came out wearing his camaflouge hat and went through
another great show. the setlist was
son of sam
junk bond trader
bled white
everything means nothing to me
cupid's trick
bottle up and explode!
in the lost and found
pretty (ugly before)
indpendence day
ballad of big nothing
stupidity tries
pretty mary k
a question mark
2:45 am
sweet adeline
wouldnt mama be proud
cant make a sound

st ides heaven
needle in the hay
? the zombies cover i think with dancers and minders

amazing show. elliott looked like he had a good time both nights, so that
seemed cool. scott (right?) is an amazing drummmer, aaron is amazing too.
sam is sam. he is magificent. just the whole band thing was so great. well
the show was over and i saw cheez and joe talking so we went over to bug em.
then julie and i decided to see if we could met elliott. i seriously wished
i could take everyone with us. i really felt quilty and i might fell worse
if anyone comments badly to the end of the story, because i think i might be
a bad thing. so on the way to the balcony we saw carl again and natasha
hanging out and said hi and bye. so julie and i went to the balcony area
which was closed off but like in waynes world we flashed our badges and went
in. they told us to hang out in the balcony area because there was going to
be an after show party so we were like the only ones hanging out. at the end
of the balcony is a curtain which are the dressing rooms. so we hanged feel
lame because there wasnt an after party and werent sure what to do. so the
guy who is maning the curtain calls us over and questions who we are and
then says ok just go back there but make it brief. ok if u dont know me, i
am such a chicken when it comes to stuff like this. i asked julie to talk
first if anything happened because i guess i am too shy when it comes to
this. so we go behind the curtain and this a good time after the whole show.
there wasnt like an fan thing going on, it was basically elliott's friends
who were there. there were like 2 dressing rooms i guess. aaron embry came
out of one and the other was down a little further, so julie took initative
and looked in the other room and elliott was there but as she said with a
good number friends in there surrounding him. so julie and i talked about
the situation. it was his friends, he has had a long tour. i guess i could
go on and on with excuses. well there no way to filter ourselves in the room
and interrupt their fun. i was thinking we could go in secretly and when
someone told a joke, laugh real hard til they all turned around like in the
movies, but there was no way. so we decided to respect his time with his
friends and be thankful for what we got to do in the first place. i guess i
can at least say i bashfully looked away from aaron embry when he came out
of his dressing room. anyway that was it. i am happy i didnt bother them,
even though it was a chance of a life time. anyway thats about it. i love
seeing everyone who is on the list. i really wish we could all hang out more
(cheezy ending)

From: Blind Melon Cheez thecheez@pacbell.net
Subject: Fillmore shows

Uhhhh, yeah.  What Steve said......

I think it was Lester Bangs that said something to the effect that "writing about music is like dancing about architecture".  And he was a rock critic.......

And if I have already posted that quote to this list, well it goes to show what age and lack of original thought can do for you........

So, with that in mind, I'll just say that I was fortunate enough to catch both shows at the Fillmore and Elliott was, in my humble opinion, "Real Good".  Even
"Real real good".

Beyond that, I'd have a really hard time describing  what getting to see and hear Elliott perform  does for me. Other than it's a real good thing.

Also,  to the unfortunate human being that tried to crash her way to the front of the second show and when that failed, proceeded to sing (horribly off key) into my right ear what words she did know during the encore, I'd just like to say "thank you" for the being the lone hairy pimple on an otherwise incredible couple of days.  I can only hope that you were caught under the wheel of Elliott's bus and drug down Geary street.  If anyone had the displeasure of having to deal with this chick, I'd love to hear about it......

But, on a positive note, it was great to see Backstage Charlie again, and to meet Joe Funkrusher.  Thanks to both of you for not staring at the conjoined fetus on my neck as well as my visible open sores and wooden leg.  You guys are allright.

Hooray for Tuesday,


From: FunKrusher@aol.com

  Well I had a chance to see the second of Elliott's two shows at the
Fillmore!   It was absolutely awesome.  I had a hard time believing that the
new band could be any tighter than the last ones but they really were.  It's
still more pleasant to stare at Janet on the skins than a dude though!  I
won't go into detail about the setlist since it's already been posted except
to say that Everything Means Nothing to Me and Lost and Found were the
highlights to me, and they're not particularly my favorite songs.  Cheez
mentioned the drunk chick who tried to bulldoze her way to the front during
the encore!  I like the response that someone (may have been Cheez) gave to
her: "I'm sorry are we in your way!?!?"  I thought she was about to puke for
a second.  Even that would've probably been better than her singing!  Believe
me though she was no worse than the drunk chick who managed to make it almost
all the way to the front to the left of me.  Anyone who was there probably
heard her, she was the one that kept yelling "looooooooove
yooooooou"..."loooooooove yooooou" in between and DURING Elliotts songs. 
Where's Cheez with his Bullhorn and Speedos when you need him.  I think that
I've had to deal with at least one of these weirdos at every Elliott show
that I've attended.  I really try to ignore it but sometimes I think that Mer
may be right:  You have to get up to the very front against the stage early
so that there are no dumbasses between you and Elliott to ruin the show for
  I saw Charlie like I do at all of the Elliott shows and Quasi shows and
Death Cab and I'll see him next week at Modest Mouse.  I finally had a chance
to meet Cheez.  I'm not sure why but I expected him to look a lot more like
the wrestler "Mankind".  Instead he looks like a shorter version of Jim
Carrey but with a peg leg and a huge birthmark in the shape of Mickey Mouse's
head and ears on his forehead! (you've got a lucrative future in Anaheim, CA
with that thing my friend.) 
That's all...waiting for the videotaping girl to contact me,

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