elliott belgium 9/19/00

SETLIST: (thanks Francois)

    * Son Of Sam
    * Bled White
    * Needle In The Hay
    * XO
    * L.A.
    * Coming Up Roses
    * Stupidity Tries
    * Cupid's Trick
    * Division Day
    * Clementine
    * Everything Means Nothing To Me
    * Amity
    * Junk Bond Trader
    * Ballad Of Big Nothing
    * Christian Brothers

encore 1: (acoustic)
    * Fond Farewell
    * Between The Bars
    * Angeles
    * Say Yes
encore 2: (acoustic)
    * The White Lady ...
    * Rose Parade

From: "Francois Drouin" <francois.drouin@voila.fr>

So I went to see Elliott yesterday in Belgium.

Scott (drums) and Sam (bass) are still in the band, but Soan (?) replaces Aaron for the second guitar and keyboards.

The "band" treatment of old songs (Clementine, Coming up roses and Needle in the hay) is very interesting. Especially Needle in the hay which is a full sounding version with Soan, Sam and Elliott all singing during the chorus.

Elliott played 6 songs acoustic, we were very lucky. And he played Angeles and the white lady, songs barely played.

The tent (in the middle of gardens) was not such a bad place for a venue. I mean that the sound was alright.


PS: I succeeded in meeting Elliott, even if he was already back in the bus. He has long hair now !!!

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