elliott france 9/24/00


* Christian Brothers
* Can't Make A Sound
* Everything Means Nothing To Me
* Cupid's Trick
* XO
* Division Day
* Junk Bond Trader
* Coming Up Roses
* Stupidity Tries
* Ballad Of Big Nothing
* Son Of Sam
* Needle In The Hay
* Clementine
* L.A.
* Bled White

encore 1: (acoustic)
* Pretty (Ugly Before) with Sam on vocals as well
* Angeles
* Condor Avenue
* The Biggest Lie

encore 2: (acoustic)
* Say Yes (with Shon playing second guitar)
* Between The Bars

From: "Francois Drouin" <francois.drouin@voila.fr>
The venue was the smallest venue of the tour in France, the size of a
discotheque. It was the small room of this brand new venue.

After Oranger, Elliott and the band went on stage and started to decide
the name of the first song to play by picking a piece of paper from a
hat that someone (who went on stage) held in his hand.
So, the entire setlist was decided by a "drawing in lots", by members of
the band or people from the audience in front of the stage picking
pieces of paper into the famous hat that people from Elliott's crew
presented on stage.

For the first time in my life I heard Condor Avenue. After Pretty and
Angeles, Elliott asked if people wanted a sad, happy or in between song.
No one answered (or almost no one) and he started Condor Avenue.

The acoustic version of Pretty (Ugly before) is just fantastic!!

After the show, Elliott went quickly out with security people around him
, and no one could talk with him.


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