elliott france 9/26/00 

* Needle In The Hay
    * Coming Up Roses
    * Stupidity Tries
    * Bled White
    * Pretty Mary K
    * XO
    * Clementine
    * L.A.
    * In The Lost And Found
    * Ballad Of Big Nothing
    * Happiness
    * Junk Bond Trader
    * Color Bars
    * Son Of Sam
    * Can't Make A Sound (with Jim second drums)

encore 1: (acoustic)
    * Between The Bars
    * Angeles (abort. then resumed)
    * 13 (abort.)
    * Jealous Guy

encore 2:
    * Say Yes (acoustic)
    * Everything Means Nothing To Me (with band)

From: "Francois Drouin" <francois.drouin@voila.fr>

This venue is very small, 10 miles far from the downtown Montpellier. Not too far from the Mediterranean sea. Elliott obviously liked this rather intimate venue. During the Oranger set, Elliott went in the back of the room, talked with the girl selling T-shirt and with some other people of the audience.

He played 13, because a friend of mine requested it, but he fucked it.

I talked with Scott (drummer) for a long time after the show. He told me that Elliott, during the day, heared into the bus, on the radio, the John Lennon song Jealous Guy covered by Brian Ferry, later he took his guitar and started to rehearse it. This may be the reason why we could hear him covering this song, this night.

There were some US female students attending the show. Most of them talked to people of the crew, after the show.


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