elliott france 9/27/00


    * Son Of Sam
    * Coming Up Roses
    * Stupidity Tries
    * Bled White
    * Pretty Mary K (abort.)
    * XO
    * Clementine
    * L.A.
    * In The Lost And Found
    * Ballad Of Big Nothing
    * Happiness
    * Junk Bond Trader
    * Pretty (Ugly before)
    * Needle In The Hay
    * Can't Make A Sound (with Jim second drums)

From: "Francois Drouin" <francois.drouin@voila.fr>

Elliott came on stage at 10:58 pm, very late because there were two support acts, Pinback, then Oranger.

Just after a few numbers, Elliott said, you can talk, there is bar as well (the bar was downstairs). He just didn't appreciate the silence of people, and the venue, I would say. Then a bit later, he said "It seems that we will have to make our own fun"

During Pretty Mary K, Elliott said "i don't want to play that song" and stopped it. Needle in the hay was dedicated by Elliott to Claire ?????, a girl that was just coming from London, to see him.

As you can see, there is no encore. Elliott had a (small ?) cold and didn't like the perfect sound of this venue, where people were attending his show like they would attend a mass (I mean, on a religious way).

Many people were dissappointed as he didn't come back on stage.


PS this theatre is the best sounding venue i have ever gone in my life, I think.

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