elliott france 9/28/00

    * Son Of Sam
    * Division Day
    * Can't Make A Sound (with Mike second drums)
    * Coming Up Roses
    * Junk Bond Trader
    * Say Yes (with Shon second guitar)
    * L.A.
    * Needle In The Hay
    * XO
    * Happiness
    * Independence Day
    * In The Lost And Found
    * Clementine
    * Stupidity Tries
    * Everything Means Nothing To Me

encore 1: (acoustic)
    * Fond Farewell
    * Between The Bars
    * The Biggest Lie

encore 2: (band)
    * Color Bars
    * Pretty Mary K

encore 3: (band)
    * Christian Brothers

From: "Francois Drouin" <francois.drouin@voila.fr>

Elliott played this venue 22 month ago, where he had already a big success with people shouting "Elliott ... Elliott ... Elliott ..." at the end of the concert.

As I told before, it seemed that he was sold out. The audience was excellent with a very big expectation/emotion in the air, just before the show. Because the previous day he didn't play any encore, and because of the wonderfull audience, this day he played 3 encore. For the first time he played Say Yes, during the regular set.

They played Pretty mary K during the second encore because someone requested it, even if the day before he stopped it in the middle.

The setlist is absolutely the same than the following day, where they played Paris, I got two items of it !!


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