elliott los angeles, 11/9/01

Set List:  (thanks Lido)
Let's Get Lost
Don't Go Down
A Passing Feeling
Strung Out Again
Pretty (Ugly Before)
True Love
Shooting Star
Somebody's Baby
Little One

From: <foldingchair@earthlink.net>

> He was just as beautiful as Spaceland. No flubs... ALL GOOD. The accoustics were perfect, the audience was SILENT and very respectful.

I thought it was much better than spaceland. it was a really good performance, the sound was great, and the audience was much better. It was great to be so close at spaceland but otherwise, the wiltern rocked. It's great to have heard him play most of these new songs 4 times now and how they've changed a little from show to show, getting better all the time. It's funny, in a way elliott seemed more in his element at this show than at spaceland.

Everyone around me was quiet and paying attention, and seemed into it, but several of them laughed a little at the "I had to go to rehab" line in True Love. I wonder if they a. don't like the lyric, or b. think the rehab reference by a drug user is genuinely funny. I think elliott can pull off some lyrics that wouldn't sound nearly as good done by someone else. I mean of course that goes without saying, but do you know what I mean?

> A few notes for specific folk: 
> Michelle-- great to see you again tonight. Please DO TELL everything that
> went on later on. I took your initiative and left. LOL. You planted the seed. 
> People snickered at me when I walked out of Shelby's set... or maybe I'm 
> being oversensitive. What-eva. >

It had been my desire to leave and head early to the post party, but I was with someone who wanted to see Shelby Lynn. He likes her record, but even he agreed she sounded terrible and had turned into a puppet to the american populace. God she was insufferable. And soul-less. And annoying. her voice is not beautiful to me, it's grating; it is technically good and that's as far as it goes. I tried to give it a shot. Yeah, she's not my type of music, but neither was Ozomatli, and I thought they were great. They were real. they were great performers. they played with life. Shelby played with production. every last little sound was over-practiced and overdone. terrible. but yeah, Ozomatli was good and I'm glad I stayed to at least check them out. we ended up staying til the very end which I wish we hadn't... the post party thing did suck, yes, but I think maybe some of the performers were there until it got crowded at the end of the show. Badly drawn boy was there and leaving as I arrived. Fiona apple was there hanging out with the sound guy from largo. some other silly famous people, some bad dance music, too many people, and I mostly just drank and smoked until I finally got to happily, leave.

Last note here... Sparlehorse was great although mark's vocals were a tiny bit more buried than I would have liked them. They're playing again at the temple bar this friday. It hasn't really been promoted much; not sure why.


From: Cnurell@aol.com

Preface: I got home early because perhaps I have girlie issues going on right now, and Shelby Mc Beal-- oh pardon me, I mean Ally Lynn-- oops, there I go again, ahem... SHELBY LYNN nauseates me. She perpetuates everything I hate about the "industry"... little Nashville-girl sure does blend in with the typical LaLa Land archetype. But as one of my fellow audience members said "That's what happens when you win a Grammy". And this was the mindset of way too many of my fellow audience members tonight. Which is why I swiftly ran to my car after Shelby McBeal Lynn's first song (and before the final band of the evening).

That being said... its ELLIOTT TIME!

What he wore: his red cords, his burgandy Pumas (aren't they Pumas? LOL I don't give 2 shits), a black t-shirt that said MAGIC in white letters with the letters JCC on the upper left hand side,(Yay! Says Court, the quintessential bad Jew-raised-in-the-south... who wouldn't dare wear a JCC shirt in public. LOL. I find it humorous), braids with RED ribbons in his hair ala Dorothy-style. hee hee. and a VERY even part (for the anal retentive among us), and.. this is for Amy: NOTHING on his wrists.

What he played: his Gibson... oh, btw, that is what he played at Spaceland as well.

What he sang: pretty much the same set list as Spaceland, but I think the last song (or one of the last songs) was new... I don't even recall what it was called, if there was a title for it... hmm... can't wait to hear what everyone else writes about this.

He was just as beautiful as Spaceland. There were even quite a few SMILES, he seemed very happy, content to be there and very confident with his songs. No flubs... ALL GOOD. The accoustics were perfect, the audience was SILENT and very respectful. But Elliott usually casts a spell on us ANYWAY, this time NO ONE got away.

Normally this ISN'T an issue, but I had a hard time going to this concert alone. I think I know why. It seemed that because it was this huge benefit concert for KCRW, there was a massive cross section of people. Some were there for specific musicians and a lot were there because its the COOL thing to do. It was THESE people that pissed me off royally. (I must be PMSing... way too many emotions tonight). Let's just say that during Badly Drawn Boy's set (OH, I WILL TOTALLY EXPAND ON THAT LATER) these 3 guys arrived late and caused our WHOLE ROW to uproot themselves and rearrange, and then they had the balls to ask ME... "Who is that?" I replied "BDB" (duh! BDB is practically KCRW's darling... if you ever listen AT ALL you know who he is!) and they continued to shoot themselves in the feet saying "Damn, he's GOOD" I cynically replied "You should TRY and get his CD". Believe me, I could totally expound on them later. Earlier that evening I was standing near a couple who were in their late 30s/early 40s. The guy asked the woman "So... who all is slated to play tonight?" She replied anxiously "Shelby Lynn..." (inaudable groan from me) "... oh, and Elliott Smith" and the guy goes "Oh... LOVE the Elliott Smith!" Which issued a small smirk on my face...

The theatre had placed chairs where the orchestra pit would've been. This I believe is where the press sat. Elliott's girl (Valerie.. is this confirmed? I DO want to start calling her by name) shimmied herself at their feet, on Elliott's left, and sat on the floor facing the audience smiling and mouthing lyrics. In her hands she held Elliott's cigarette box.

I am an open wound tonight, like I said. Please forgive me, as I am not being my staid self (right, when does that ever happen) tonight. I got REALLY sad during "Somebody Else's Baby" and "Pretty Ugly Before"... my mind was tumbling... I wore white, as did Valerie... she reminds me of myself in some ways (for those who can read between the lines... she is NOT McBeal-ish... and she's not fat either... she's WAY NORMAL, as am I... I've been having issues with this lately though, as it seems everyone around me is losing sight of what normal is lately in the "women's weight issues department"), and it was actually beautiful to see that she could be HERSELF, totally uninhibited, facing the audience, BOTH her and Elliott... almost facing the world together, and yet not caring that a thousand eyes are staring back at them. They both seem very secure, yet very private.. its utterly beautiful and I only wish for that in my own life. (OK, mushy mushy, I know... but... yeah... long emotional night for Court-girl).

We got our "wave" goodbye, and there was a tremendous, respectful applause. But I'm an elitist, and I wish Elliott could've gotten the standing O that Pete Yorn received. Alas... such is the cross a diehard Elliott fan must bear.

Well.. goodnight all in Elliott-land, Court

From: "Lido" <lido@softhome.net>
Subject: Re: Wiltern attendees

The show was really great. He was pretty sure of himself and played his
guitar pretty hard. It sounded really good. It seemed like one in ten
people there had video cameras and there must have been a lot of people
there taping as well (besides me). There was a long humming part in the
middle of Somebody's Baby I think that I don't remember if it's been there
when he's played it before. Maybe that's the way the song is, maybe he
forgot some words. It's the best show I've seen him do since the El Rey a
few years ago. It was so good that I actually sat through Shelby Lynne for
some reason. Here's what was written on his setlist, I assume this is what
he played though I don't think he got to do "Little One". I'll check the
tape later today and confirm:

Let's Get Lost
Don't Go Down
A Passing Feeling
Strung Out Again
Pretty (Ugly Before)
True Love
Shooting Star
Somebody's Baby

Fond Farewell
Little One
(or both depending on time)

Setlists were passed out to the sound board people and the people who were
professionally filming and recording the show so I got it from one of those
dudes when the set was over. Hopefully KCRW will broadcast the whole set.
That way we can get a good recording of the show without the audience
chatter etc (the lady next to me coughed at least once during every song).

It was great as usual to see him play and the sound in the Wiltern is really
good so overall it was a great show. Courtney, I walked around the lobby
quite a bit before his set and after to see if I could find you, but... Oh


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