elliott san francisco 12/18/01

Set List:  (thanks Charlie)
let's get lost
give me love
passing feeling
strung out again
pretty (ugly before)
fond farewell
shooting star
little one
don't go down
true love
independence day
the biggest lie
blue eyes cryin' in the rain (willie nelson cover)
waltz #2(xo)
somebody's baby (with jason lytle from grandaddy and mike from oranger) say yes

From: "charlie" <yamato1@ix.netcom.com>

hi courtney and everyone! im burnt out! i really had too much fun. the shows were so awesome though. i had a really great time. i wish i could describe the shows better but im so tired. im sorry. i just wrote this little blurb for sweet adeline. im sorry

i cant be better :( anyway here u go

yay! elliott came back to san francisco on both monday and tuesday and i went to both shows. i had a great time :) both nights were pretty cool because elliott worked off a setlist and requests. a lot of the new songs were played and elliott tried a few older songs even though he hasnt played them for a while. i dont think i ever seen elliott do that before so it was neat. some were aborted but it was awesome that he tried anyway to do some random requests. i took some pictures and i hope to add em soon if they come out.

also elliott sold most of the merchandise they had at the shows. all the money is going elliott's charity he is starting for abuse children. there might be a few cds left for the upcoming shows so please buy some for xmas gifts or something. all of it is going to charity! anyway here are the setlists for both shows. thanks to bradley for posting it too on the sweet addy board!

dec. 17: let's get lost, don't go down passing feeling, strung out again, pretty (ugly before), needle in the hay, shooting star, true love, division day, little one fond farewell, say yes (with major audience participation), friends (led zeppelin cover), independence day, no name #4 (aborted), between the bars, somebody's baby (with mike from oranger)

dec. 18: let's get lost, give me love (give me peace on earth) ) (george harrison cover), passing feeling, strung out again, pretty (ugly before), fond farewell, shooting star, little one, pitseleh, alameda, don't go down, true love, independence day, the biggest lie, friends, angeles, blue eyes cryin' in the rain (willie nelson cover) waltz #2(xo), somebody's baby (with jason lytle from grandaddy and mike from oranger), say yes

also on a personal note. it was awesome to see everyone i know and got to meet!

From:  Bob, bob.macke@aspect.com

Neil, Rhonda and I saw a solo acoustic Elliott Smith show at Great American Music Hall Tuesday night. I love Elliott. His last 3 albums, "Figure 8", "XO" and "Either/Or" contain some of the best Beatles-esque pop the world has ever heard. But last night's show was, quite frankly, a train wreck. First of all, he played seated which resulted in everyone not being able to see much more than his head except for the giant guy front-dead center who was blocking my entire view all night. This was a minor snag that could easily be overcome with a strong performance. The first indication that things were about to go awry was when, after the first song, somebody in the audience said something about George Harrison (Elliott was a big fan and often does a cover in his shows). Elliott then played "Give Me Love" which was fine but this opened the floodgates. For the rest of the night the audience was yelling requests and giving encouragement and he was acknowledging everything he heard and the entire show started to lose its footing. This didn't necessarily have to be fatal but the problem was that Elliott wasn't prepared to play the requests for old songs and he would play them anyway, screw-up and say "fuck" in the middle of it, and limp home to the end of the song. This didn't just happen a couple of times. It happened on virtually every old song he played. I didn't get the sense that it was because he was fucked up; it seemed like he just wasn't prepared to play those songs. And to me, if you don't think you are going to make through the song, don't play it. He needs to go into the show with a set of songs he is prepared to play and play from that list of songs and not bounce around to the whim of whichever dumbass has yelled out a request. I think I'm speaking for all us when I say that his performance left us feeling embarrassed for him, which is about the worst possible feeling a performer can evoke in an audience. He did remember all of "Say Yes" because he messed it up the night before and he must have worked on it to get it right. Also, I thought his voice seemed a bit degradated and his singing lacked confidence. If I were to measure this show as it compared to my expectations, I'd have to say this is the worst show I've seen this year. 


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