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Geraldine Fibbers Show Reviews:  Fan Reviews of Geraldine Fibbers shows.  Most reviews are from the Geraldine Fibbers Mailing List.

Scarnella Show Reviews (Nels and Carla from the Fibbers)

Elliott Smith Show Reviews:  Fan Reviews of Elliott Smith shows.  Most reviews are from the Elliott Smith Mailing List.

Janice's (that's me, the creator of this page) Show Reviews:  Show reviews from some (a small portion) shows I've been to since 1998.

Janice's Bootleg Listing

Other stuff:   Bootleg List, my sons' webpage, Sleater-Kinney pics and setlist, etc.


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**This started as a Geraldine Fibbers Show Review Page.  It still contains a majority of Fibbers-related reviews, but also contains Elliott Smith show reviews and other shows I've been to or in which I'm interested.  It also contains other stuff that I want people to see.


Anthony and Franny, who have the Geraldine Fibbers Webring at:   They sent me a bunch of show reviews, originally posted on the Fibbers Mailing List.  Thanks so much.

Tony,, who also sent me show reviews.



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