Jun. 30, Los Angeles -- Tower Records

Set List:  (partial)


California Tuffy
French Song

Date: June 30, 1997

From: Scott W Zeidel swz@earthlink.net

Subject: Just saw them!

Just got home from the Tower Records show. It's late. Or is it early?I'm tired. But I've got Butch in my hands and I'm very happy indeed. I can't listen to it until the morning--too many people sleeping. Well .. . I did kinda snuck and listened very softly to the song, Butch. They did it at the show and I wanted to see if it was real. Was it really that beautiful? Could anything be that beautiful? It is! More so! I'm in love.

I'm not gonna go into too many details 'cause I've got to get to bed but the show was wonderful! Of course! Yes, of course it was. They did a short set, I think only about 35-40 minutes. Carla had a new hairdo, short with even shorter bangs and died some color beyond description. Many of their Silver Lake musician friends were their--I noticed members of Lutefisk & Touchcandy. It seemed like a family affair. They had some major and minor technical problems. (Like Nels totally blowing his amp on the first song--how's that for technical problems?) They've also have some musical kinks to work out. That's no surprise, given the recent changes. But I was in heaven! From the first note the place became heaven. The crowd, perhaps around 300 but I've never been good at counting heads, swayed and smiled. They seemed to touch heaven also.

Our beloved Fibbers as Nels calls them) played some new things, Butch, California Tuffy (if this doesn't become a hit single . . .), something else (the first song) that totally rocked (like I said, Idon't know the CD yet); and they played some old stuff, including Lilybelle (I totally lost control and cried, fucking embarrassing, all these bald headed, green haired punkers around me and I'm crying), and (surprise, surprise) The French Song, as Carla said, "resurrected from the dead." (I've got to get to bed!)

But here's the really funny part: at the end, my head still in the clouds, they showed the new video of California Tuffy! You're going to love it! Totally, hysterically funny. I don't want to give away too much. Let me just say that there's a cat hand puppet; there's an ugly couch; there's some broken guitars and strings; and there's a bunch of crazy, kid-like lunatic Fibbers. I came down to earth real fast.



Date: Tue, 1 Jul 1997 15:43:41 -0400 (EDT)

From: BoyKevin69@aol.com

Subject: Just saw them!

 I was there, too. Great show. "The video is the greatest thing I've seen in a while." I actually said that to Carla, I feel like such a dork. But when faced with greatness, what can one say without sounding stupid?

The album is a masterpiece. I think I like this new violinist a tad better. The violin never sounded cleaner, too bad she isn't permanent. :(

Dude, don't feel silly about crying during Lillybelle, other songs affect me the same way. Not a problem. The Fibbers are definitely a unique, magickal experience.

Looking forward to the 19th, hope to see you all there. If only they would play at more 18+ venues, I won't go if I can't bring my baby. Sniff.




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