elliott los angeles 3/21/00

set list (thanks Lisa):

son of sam
junk bond trader
pretty mary k
everything means nothing to me
stupidity tries
in the lost and found
new song
cupid's trick
wouldnt momma be proud?
color bars
cant make a sound

solo encore:
st. ides heaven
the biggest lie
easy way out

ballad of big nothing
indepenence day
waltz#1 (which was so beautiful... oh....)

From: "Melanie" nitesite@sunletter.com

1st - Thank you SOOOOOOO much to whoever posted the fact that there was a
show tonight. Whoever you are - you deserve a big red balloon. :)

Ok... I'm tired, should be in bed, but I gotta get this down now.

Arron (Aaron?) Embry is very cool. He's ultra passionate about the music -
you can just tell. He was so much fun to watch, because he was totally
enjoying himself. He's also cute as hell - in a little brother sort of way.
I wanted to pinch his cheeks. :P I would love to see him again... I really
enjoyed his show. (Maybe he'll get some opening slots on the tour...)

The middle band (whose name I do not know) was funny. They were all born
about 20 years too late... It's kind of like what would happen if you had
Beck, Thurston Moore, and Kim Gordon re-record the soundtrack to Dazed and
Confused. They even had a song called "Suzy Quatro". (If you're too young to
know who she is - you probably wouldn't understand why I find that amusing.)
I enjoyed them kinda - but really - just anxious to see ES.

Then Elliott - full band... and a BIG red balloon. :) I'll let someone else
post the set list - I can't remember them all - but it was mostly new stuff.
Pretty cool to hear some of it; since I've made myself wait till the album
comes out, I hadn't heard a lot of these songs. Stupidity Tries is
realllllly good live - I was really impressed with it. Two encores, a few
old ones thrown in here and there for good measure... if it hadn't been for
the annoying brat yelling out things like "Give the people what they want!"
it would have been a perfect show. (And if that person is on this list - I
make no apologies. Talk about your ungrateful snot.)

The highlight for me was Easy Way Out... that is still by far one of my
favorite ES songs...

He did seem quite at ease tonight... much more comfy than at the Roxy show.
The vibe in Spaceland was quite different as well. You can tell they haven't
played as a group too much - there were a few slip ups here and there - but
I really think that's part of the charm. Maybe they'll do some more practice
sessions like tonight's. ;) (One can only dream!)

Then there was that totally adorable kiss and wave at the end... :)

It was very cool to get to hang out with Lisa - we were the only freaks
waiting at the front! (That was totally worth it - we had the best spots in
the house...) Janet was there for the whole show... though she didn't get on
stage at any point. :( No other celebs that I saw...

All in all it was a great show! Again - one million thank-yous to whoever
posted about the show!! (I'm sorry - the original email is at work - so I
can't remember who it was!)