elliott la 5/22/98


Sat May 23 15:40:59 1998

From:  walewis@scf-fs.usc.edu

Elliott & Quasi dropped in for a "special guest" spot during jon Brion's regular Friday night set. Quasi did 2 or 3 songs, um, unplugged (i.e. Sam played on a piano), then Elliott joined them on piano and Jon on bass for a great song I don't know the name of with the repeated chorus "This will be our year/ took a long time to come." In a sort of disorganized fashion, they got together for a rendition of the Kinks' "Dead End Street"-- Elliott on vox, Sam on vox and a little guitar, Jon on piano and a little mellotron(?), Janet on drums, and Elliott's gurlfriend Joanne on bass. They had a good time with it and everyone seemed to be a little woozy (this was around 1 am) but good-spirited, then they sauntered off. :)

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