Aug. 29, Northampton, Mass. -- Iron Horse


From: <K.M.D. Sartori>

Subject: Re: Massachusetts Shows on 08/29 and 08/30/97

Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 12:13:38 -0600


It's even better than you think. When I spoke to Bill at the GF show, he told me about that show they did with Nick Cave. Also playing: Congo Norvell! It was in San Francisco. Man, what a show that must have been! Bill (very nice guy) said that "fortunately" he didn't meet Cave, because, as he said, what do you say, "wow, you're great"? Cool little tidbit: Bill played on two of the songs on the unreleased Congo Norvell album "The Dope, the Lies and the Vaseline" (out on promo CD if you can find it--I found mine used for $1.99!).

He played on the Can cover "Thief" and one other. I brought them up because I said I thought it was amazing that two really cool bands each did a Can cover on their latest albums and he said, "Hey, I played on that album. If you can find it hold on to it, there's only like 1000 of those floating around."

We talked about Nick Cave some and he mentioned that if I liked And the Ass Saw the Angel that I should read the The Complete Works of Flannery O'Connor. Real "down south" stuff that Cave was apparently very influenced by.

Anyway, the Geraldine Fibbers were great that night and it was cool that they got to do their encore (which they didn't get to do at the Iron Horse two nights earlier).

Oh, one other thing, I asked Bill about the change in the band's sound and I told him that I sort of thought of Nels Cline as the guy who "changed the face of the Fibbers." I asked if they were going this way anyway or if Nels Cline helped lead them there and he told me they were definitely headed in the "harder" direction of the new album. He really likes the album a lot because he feels that it is their "most focused" album. BTW, I bought the Nel Cline Trio CD and it's really good. Definitely worth picking up.

Talk to you later,

K.M.D. Sartori

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From: <KingMob>

Subject: Re: bimbo's (pt. 2)

Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 21:22:52 -0600

mark's story...yep, i was up there with o.vigil and me bro., and the show was great...(i think i blew my voice out singing along with carla...feels like crap today) we we're right in front of carla the whole time (i have artificial red hair, maybe someone here might a saw me) how many from the list here were at the show? anyhow, damn good show that's worth the 400 mile drive (and we got some good karma points too by helping out some tourists in s.f. who's car got stuck on a hill.)





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