elliott seattle 2/24/99


Set List: (thanks Myen1gma@aol.com)
Tom's Start
Coming Up Roses
I Figured You Out
Oh Well, OK
New Song (Everything Reminds Me of Her)
Son of Sam
Baby Brittain
Between the Bars
2:45 AM
(unknown title)
St. Ides Heaven
Taking the Easy Way Out (?)
I Didn't Understand
Rose Parade
No Confidence Man
Roman Candle
Say Yes

From: Bingold <bingoldb@seattleu.edu>
Subject: [elliottsmith] Breakroom: an under-agers account.

So here I was, 18 and at elliott smith. All my friends were inside and
enjoying the show, while I was outside waiting in the cold, just hoping
that elliott will play loud enough for me to hear. As it turns the show
didn't start on time and lest I be shooed away for loitering, I began to
randomly walk around. Whose knows maybe I would run into Elliott? I got
back to the Brakroom at around 10:30-10:45, and No. 2 were playing away. I
took my customary place by the garbage cans (this isn't the first time
I've hung out at a show I couldn't get into) and settled myself into a
night of struggling to hear the music over the roar of cars going down
14th street and ignoring the out right stares of the drunken gay men who
would be going to and from this swinger's bar down the street. I heard the
last two songs of No. 2 and got a nice back massage due to the vibration
of the wall behind me. I was really impressed they had really improved
since I've seen them last opening for Sleater-Kinney in Portland last
summer, I hope an album comes out soon. After about a half-hour and four
cigarettes later, Elliott came to the stage. Unfortunantely, for me that
is, it was an acoustic show so I could hear jack squat. I moved from my
little niche in the wall and went around to the front of the Breakroom and
stood outside the door. Hear the sound was a little better, but Madison is
a busier street. I could only hear and distinguish songs whenever somebody
opened the door, luckily the placed was packed so people were coming in
and out all night long. At the times when the door was closed I could only
catch a few strains of haunting melody from the main man. By now the pack
of cigarettes was half gone. I got hit on by a cute women, who once found
out I was under age nearly freaked out about raping me or whatever.....She
soon left. I also met a girl from Melbourne Australia, who was inthe same
boat I was in......friends inside and she was stuck outside and we had a
nice chat about the music scene/business at home and abroad. Around this
time a girl passed out inside due to the heat I think, so they rushed her
outside and left the door open to allow some air into the club. For about
6 minutes I heard Elliott sing my favorite: St. Ides Heaven (side note:
after some fresh air the girl who passed out was alright). Elliott played
one (maybe two?)encores and then the show ended. A wave of people blastd
out of the Breakroom followed by a wave of heat that I swore singed my
eyebrows. Then a PR person came out asking if anyone wanted free cds or
posters. So I ran over there and she had about five CDs in her hand and
said grabbed 'em, I saw my hand go into a feeding frenzy with about six
other five digit entities and mine was the only one to come back the way
it went in....empty. Then the nice PR lady looked at me and said "Well you
tried..." and then pulled out the last CD and handed it over to me, as
well as a poster. Which I went back to find the girl from Australia and
give the poster to, but she declined saying she already had one. Well the
CD happened to be a promo for the new Baby Britain single, and it has a
Baby Britain Remix and the LP version. On the remix is just the slighest
changes, like I think Elliott's voice is a little louder and stuff. Well I
couldn't go home without say hi and trying to talk to the man of the hour.
So I waited for awhile to see if I could catch Elliott after the show. As
it happens I though he might come out the front door (rookie mistake) but
I was rounding the corner and I saw Elliott with a group of people walk
from the backdoor of the Breakroom and into the Swinger's Club aptly named
the Sea Wolf. At this time I had smoked nineteen cigarettes and felt like
I was going to yak and I had been standing for 4 hours in the lovely
Seattle cold. I figured I could wait to talk to Elliott at 2 am when he
was really smashed or I go leave and get at least some sleep. Well I took
the latter and dreamed good Elliott dreams................



From: Myen1gma@aol.com

The environment at the Breakroom was much more comfortable than it was at the
Showbox on the 23rd.  It was still packed, but only 300 or so people can fit
into the Breakroom.  No. 2 played a cool, short set.  Sam (Quasi) sat alone at
the merchandise table all night trying to sell No. 2 t-shirts.  He spent much
of his time scribbling cartoons of a crippled monkey with crutches.  Hmmm,
maybe that's what happens when a monkey wrestles with a ghost (see sea shanty
if you don't get that).

Anyway, Elliott walked out wearing his Steve Martin t shirt... looking kinda
drowsy and/or drunk.  It's hard to tell.  But he played a great set
nonetheless.  He seemed to be trying to follow a written set-list, but he
abandoned that shortly.  Of course, people started shouting out songs and he
gave his usual wry smile at the many suggestions.  He would attach or unattach
his capo accordingly.

At one point, Elliott said "I'm feeling kinda wierd tonite."  People laughed
at that... one guy yelling out..."You look kinda wierd."  At another point
Elliott stuck his lit cigarette under his strings.  A woman shouted out....
"Don't put your cigarette there.... it's such a rock star thing."  To which
Elliott responds...."I know that.... but... I don't have anywhere to put it...
you know I don't give a shit.... Keith Richard's puts it there..."   Lots of


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