Nov. 4, Portland, OR -- Satyricon


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Subject: Portland 11/4

Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 19:04:38 -0600

Hi all oh my, oh my, oh my! It was so great to see the fibbers again in the northwest, The Satyricon was packed full which was great to see. In fact, I think the last three times they have played here tehy have had excellent turn out. The band seemed so much tighter this time around than in July. I am so glad that Nels has more room too it seems to play his style into their "sound". 4 times last night we were treated to the wire whisk and the beautiful noises he creates. The set was very similar to the one at the Palace show last week. My favorite was hearing "The Grand Tour" live for the first time. This was the song that first got me into the fibbers about 5 years ago when I bought the get thee gone 10". The new stuff was mixed in with older material and other standouts of the night were Lillybelle, 7 in 10, Cuckoo, and Carla had the audience silent through Butch. Celebrity sighting . . . . Steve M. from Pave is back home from their tour and he was way into the show working up a major sweat. I talked to Bill and Nels before and after the show and they said we should be receiving a new mailing any day now, so watch the boxes!


oh yeah, I did get a good tape of the show thanks to Si (sp?) their sound-tech. She patched me into the board and yes, I will share with all on this list. I will get a tape tree up and running for it soon, I promise

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Subject: Re: Portland 11/4 sorry its sooooo long

Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 22:43:34 -0600 wrote:

> I talked to Bill and Nels before and after the show and they said we


> be receiving a new mailing any day now, so watch the boxes!

WHAT??? they send out stuff??? How do I get on this list?

I also was at the show last night. I cannot believe how good it was! I watched most of the show 3-4 feet from Nels and Carla, went back to be with Erik during the last 3 songs. It was great to see GF again. Since I had missed teh last couple of times they had been to town I was long over due.

I took a nap before the show and slept till 11pm! oops! I bought a new dress and was gonna paint my nails blue. I had tapes for Erik which I totally forgot to bring. (I suck) I had said I would go early and meet Erik. (did I mention I suck?) so there I am, wearing clothes I pulled out of the hamper, no-make up, rubbing the sleepy out of my eyes. ....ah well :)

so, while we watched the band set up, this guy told us Nels Cline stories, the girl next to me waxed poetic about carlas voice, the boys on the other side discussed the knob settings of Nels equipment. The guy that had the Nels stories was at Mike Watt and John Doe so we chatted.

Nels took up a few gifts from people who screamed for his attention and who offered their humble presents. Normally I hate people, really, but fibber fans are special.

I spent the first minutes of show totally overwhelmed and on the verge of tears. It was great to be able to watch Nels craftmanship and how uses that space gun, wire whisk and I think he has a Tamagotchi (or something that size) that he uses. The stage is only 2.5 feet high so watching him play on Grand Tour was _incredible_

They were for sure playing to hard core fans because as a song would start, when the audience knew what one it was , I could hear a small roar of applause and cheering. Some guy kept yelling flattering things and asking when they were coming back.

During the final song of the encore some guy in the front was dancing/worshipping at Nels feet in a weird spontanious(sp?) peformance piece that caused carla to laugh. No lie, I think it was the guy with the Nels stories, on his knees, waving his arms, his long hair flying in every direction. I got to tell you, I love this town.

It was a great "in the now" experience and hearing Grand Tour and the song with the line "fat from years of sucking hate" made the night for me.

Sorry for writing soo much. I wish I could articulate better without wasting so many words.




R. I. Kerley