Nov. 24, Washington D.C. -- Black Cat


Set List:

The Grand Hour
California Tuffy
Small Song
Trashman in Furs
7 or in 10
I Killed the Cuckoo
French Song
You Doo Right
Encore:  Richard
    Outside of Town

Date sent: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 16:08:49 -0400 (EDT)

Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 18:04:32 -0500

From: them <>

Subject: d..c. show

whew! where to begin? what a night! we got to the club at 8 pm-just in time to find nels & carla watching the 1st bands sound-check. after some pretty boring (imho) singy-songy strummy stuff it was over. then the real fun began... talked to nels & carla about the baltimore show fiasco (see previous post)- hung out for awhile in the lounge area- looked at a bunch of computer art stuff i've been doing of fibbers photos,etc.- they really liked the stuff & suggested (randall- are you listening?) that i post it on the web pages. so i'll be in touch with you about that. then had some dinner, watched chrome cranks w/ carla & nels, talked to kevin & bill for awhile ( these are some of the nicest people- i know this has been said here before but i have to say it again) you'd ever want to meet. at showtime we positioned ourselves front & center ( unlike the august show- it wasn't terribly crowded) and proceeded to be blown away again! we got a real cool video of the show- which will be submitted for the tape tree if wanted-along with the one from august) songs wwere: grand tour, toybox,ca. tuffy,marmalade,small song,trashman, 7 or in 10, cuckoo,french song ( with guest vocals by singer peter of chrome cranks), butch, you doo right, then leyna & bill did their really beautiful little duet thing, and an encore of richard, then the nels/carla duet for outside of town. in the first part of the show nels was having somr equipment troubles so the rest of the band played a really cool version of heliotrope. at the beginning of 7 or in 10-something happened (i can't remember what-i'll have to check the tape) that made carla laugh so much that she couldn't come in with the vocals, so they started it all over again! all in all it was an excellent show- the band seemed really relaxed & into playing & it showed- a real loose friendly-vibe kind of show...