elliott austin instore 9/26/98


Date:  Sat Sep 26 22:16:13 1998

From_: lacykath@flash.net

i was blessed to see e. smith play an in-store today in austin tx. in no order he played:

bottle up and explode
division day
independance day
jealous guy (you know the cover)
say yes
waltz #2 (xo)
b/t the bars
st. ides heaven

and possibly another 1 or 2, but i wasn't writing the set down so... there were so many people there it was crazy. he did a wonderful job, and when he was done, he signed autographs. pretty weird to see him treated as a full-blown rock star, but he was really nice and sweet. i'm off for now to catch the show with Quasi. i'm sure it'll rock. -lacy