sleater-kinney 3/26/98

This show was *very* good also.

The show was at the Trocadero. We got there very early. The line
outside was not very long yet. The problem with the ppl standing in line
was that they didn't stay in line, so by the time they let us in for the
show, a number of ppl had cut in front.

We got into the venue and I was surprised at how beautiful it was. The
Troc looked like an old theatre. It was set up for all ages downstairs,
and 21+ upstairs.

The opening band was Fan Modine. They were not *very* good. I thought
I liked them at first, because they played 3 of their more upbeat songs
first (on later days in the tour they played them later). After those
three, though, they began to sound the same. The were a bit slow for me
too. (I don't mind slow -- I love Elliott Smith. It just has to be
slow and *good*, so one doesn't fall asleep). The keyboard guy was
interesting. He was wearing this fur get up, that I liked. As with
Come, I was glad they had a female member -- Joan, the violinist.

Helium was good again. By this show, I am liking them even more. Mary
Timony's voice sounds beautiful. I think this is the show where Kendall
said that someone from Fan Modine (?) let her borrow this egg shaker
thing, to use during the "Space Jam", with Sleater-Kinney.

The crowd for this show was the most diverse, ethnically, age-wise, and
"fashionwise". There were more black ppl than I've seen before (my
mother's black, so I notice these things). Also -- more "other" races
than I've seen before. There were tons of different ages. It makes me
feel real old (I'm 28) when I hear ppl saying 'Is your mom gonna wait
for us if this runs past 11:00?' Also -- there were fewer "punk types",
than New York & DC, and more mainstream (levi's with shirts tucked in)
ppl than I've seen before.

The crowd was a bit pushy at this show, but no comparison to DC & New
York. It really bothered me that someone asked Corin, while she was
tuning up -- before the show even started, for her set list. Ppl are
sooo presumptuous. If she happened to have left it on the stage, fine.
But don't bother them while their tuning up & getting ready for a

We were standing right in front for this show. My 8th s-k show, and
I've never been in the *very* front row. I've been close, but never in
the very front. The stage was absolutely huge. It went way back & there
was an upstairs and a small "pit" type thing off to the left, where ppl
were watching from.

Sleater-Kinney came out and stood about 5 feet above my head. Carrie
was wearing a denim-looking shirt, Janet red shirt, and Corin that cute
orange dress. They sang: Heart Factory; Dig Me Out; By the Time I'm 25
(new); Call the Doctor; Tapping (new); Turn It On; Banned from the End
of The World (new); One More Hour; new song; Little Babies; It's Enough;
New Song; Joey Ramone; and, surprise, Words & Guitar. Encores: Good
Things; New Song; & Be Yr Mama

The biggest event of the evening was when the band did "Banned from the
End of the World" for Jimmy. Carrie said "This is for Jimmy." We
screamed. They might as well of dedicated the song to me. I was just
as happy, as if they did. I was just so happy for Jimmy. Next to me :)
he likes them more than anybody I know. He deserved the dedication. We
were pretty sure that the reason they did it was because of a
conversation Jimmy had with Corin the night before. I didn't talk much,
but stood right there when they spoke. Jimmy told Corin that his
favorite new song was End of the World, which they hadn't done that
night in DC. Corin said 'Really, I'm so glad you like it'. So, this
night, at Philly, they dedicated it to him. (During the same discussion
I made a complete fool of myself when I said my favorite was "the Mary
Lashes song". She had no idea what I was talking about. I was
referring to "Tapping", the song they dedicated to Mary Lashes at New

I'm glad they did "Good Things" again. That is my favorite s-k song.
The best version I've ever heard of it was the night before, though. My
favorite new song is "Tapping". I also like "By the Time I'm 25". One
of my least favorites is the End of the World song. Again, I don't like
that they ended with W&G. I can do without "Joey Ramone" at every show
too. And -- I'm sure Sleater-Kinney really cares what I think!! Boy am
I opinionated.

(Mikey from this list got up and danced on the stage.)

AFter the show, we *really* wanted Jimmy to get a set list. We figured
his name might be on there, due to the dedication and all. It wasn't
gonna happen. The security shuffled us out of the show as soon as they

I tried to go buy one of each color t-shirt. The dk. blue ones were
already sold out. The stickers were sold out too. Julie Butterfield
told us there prob wouldn't be anymore.

That's all I have to's probably way to much.