Sleater-Kinney 3/27/98

I'm probably getting a bit redundant in my reviews of the east coast
shows, but I'm a completist. I feel it's my duty to do a review for
every one of them. (I'll be combining the two Cambridge shows into one,
though.) I've never seen a bad S-K show, so I don't know very many ways
to say "The show was great. They played well......"

O.k. The New York show at Tramps.....Let me start by saying that the
highlight of my evening was getting a set list. All the times I've seen
the band, I've never done that. I'm very proud of it; and Moe, Jimmy,
and Kristen can attest to the fact that I about cried in Cambridge, when
I thought I lost it. The songs on the set list are a bit incorrect,
because they did another song in lieu of "It's Enough"; and, did "It's
Enough" later in the set. The songs, w/my editorials: Heart Factory;
Dig Me Out; Pop Song (new); Call the Doctor; Tapping (new-my fave); Turn
It On; One More Hour; By the Time You're 25 (new-my second fave); Good
Things; ??? (Jimmy/Kristen/Moe--what did they do here instead of "It's
Enough"); God is a Number (new); Joey Ramone; ??It's Enough (is this
where they did it?); Start Together (on the set list they have this
listed as 'Start Together/Banned From' -- they did Start Together, which
is new); Words & Guitar; Encores: Be Yr Mama?? -- Jimmy/Kristen/Moe:
What were the encores?

This show had the worst audience of the tour. I was in the very front
of the barracade, that separates the "photographer pit" from the crowd.
I had bruises on my arms from where I was pushed against this
barracade. I don't know if the place was just too packed or what, but
the crowd pushed me incessantly during the show. I didn't think I was
going to get crushed to death or anything, but I *was* extremely
uncomfortable. I was also pissed. I think some of the pushing was
totally unnecessary, since it didn't happen during the new songs. I was
getting to the point where I was just wishing for a new song, so that
the pushing would stop. I guess ppl just got excited when they heard
songs they recognized; and didn't dance quite as much during the new
songs. Nonetheless, Jimmy & Moe both agreed that the pushing was less
during the new songs.

Fan Modine was still bad, but, at this show, I felt really sorry for
them. There were a few hecklers (yes, hecklers, they were totally rude)
that screamed "PEACHES!!" throughout Fan Modine's entire set. They
said it a lot less, but even said it during Helium's set. I'm assuming
they were yelling it, because that's Corin's nickname. I disliked Fan
Modine's music very much, but was totally on their side during this
show. They did not deserve that. They were performing as guests of
Sleater-Kinney. They weren't vulgar or obnoxious. There was no reason
to heckle them. Rachel (from this list) and I kept saying to each
other: "Do they think that Corin's going to like them more; or think
they're cool because they are yelling her nickname over and over
again?" Rachel and I just couldn't understand what they thought they
were accomplishing by the screaming. Nevertheless, they insisted upon
yelling this repeatedly.

When Sleater-Kinney came out to play, the bitchy Peaches Girls yelled
"Peaches" again. Corin confirmed Rachel and my thoughts about the whole
Peaches thing. She said "Did you bring me any [Peaches]?" Silence.
Corin then said "Then what are you yelling for?" It was a perfect
retort to stupid people. They didn't scream Peaches again.

What can I say about S-K that I haven't said in a million other
reviews? They were utterly amazing. They rocked hard, even after all
the travelling. The new songs sounded great. The old songs sounded
great. O.k. I'll stop now....I wish I was a better writer, but I just
can't say anything more than they are incredible.

Another aside: It really bothers me when I go to shows, like Philly
and, somewhat, New York, and ppl just sort of move their bodies to the
front of the line, shortly before the doors open. I sound like an old,
crochetty person when I say that, I know. But, we got to all the shows,
except DC, two hours ahead of time. Leigh & her friends got to
Tramps*eight* hours ahead of time. If you want a good spot at a show,
just get there early!! That's all there is to it. There's no need to
cut in front of us who planned ahead. I'm sorry, I couldn't help but
say something. I'm showing my age, aren't I. :)