elliott cambridge 4/15/98


From:  gellen@fas.harvard.edu

Date:  Wed Apr 15 22:33:56 1998

of you at the show tonight? it rocked so much. i creeped my way up front (well, the second row) about 40 minutes before the birddog set was over, and i was so close up. elliott was so awesome. he did the cover of jealous guy and some other cover i didn't know. he played (not in this order, and this is just what i remember) angeles, say yes, rose parade, christian brothers (after much begging from some loud folks behind me), clementine, alameda, b/w the bars, the biggest lie, southern belle, st ides heaven, no name #3, division day, some song. shit, it was so amazing. he said he was glad he didn't win the oscar after someone asked some question about it. he also said that celine was very nice, even though he hadn't though she would be. he had some funky blue suede shoes--they looked new. hmmm. what else.... i'm seeing him in NY next week and i can hardly wait. are any of you gonna be there? tramps is quite a big bigger than the middle east downstairs, so i hope i'll be able to get as close. ok, i'm gonna send this off before i ramble any longer. if i think of anything else i'll send it. goodnight kids. -k


ps--i forgot this awesome part of my story!! her it is: before the show, even before birddog began, i went upstairs to leave the club for a minute to buy cigarettes and elliott was at the top of the stairs and i asked the ticket guy whether there was anywhere around there to buy cigarettes and he pointed to a machine behind me, but elliott was right behind me. i had to excuse myself and squeeze by him. i was shaking as i tried to straighten my crumpled bills to get them in the machine.... ok, that sounded very childish, but i was quite excited.


pps--they were playing pavement (slanted & enchanted) between the sets.



Date:  Thu Apr 16 17:42:02 1998)

From:   joelong@cisco.com

I went to the Elliott Smith show last night at The Middle East in Cambridge, Ma. last night. It was awesome!!!!

The place was mobbed!! I had no idea there would be that many people there!! He hung out right beside me for the whole opening act, just kind hanging, watching, saying hi, etc. Although the opening act wasn't my cup of tea, (I'm not sure of their name), it appeared Elliott enjoyed them.

Elliott took the stage at about 11:30, opened up with "Angeles", and proceeded to play almost everything I could think of and wanted to hear.(I didn't write down the set list) He played "Jealous Guy" by John Lennon,and that Big Star tune. He sat down for the whole show (which was a bit frustrating because of the large crowd, and my height), and seemed in great spirits.

I saw a couple of people there with video equipment, so I'm sure some bootlegs will be available. Anyheewt, it was a great show, he sounded great, played great and was well received by the crowd. I can't wait to see him again!!!


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