Ashe -- 3-5+ months old


This is Ashe when he was a bit older.  These were taken at the end of June thru the beginning of July 1999.  (Please excuse the quality of these.  The place that scanned them did not properly cut off the borders and they are very grainy.)


This is our favorite picture of Ashe: 

wpe1.jpg (26610 bytes)


This is Ashe with his Granny (yes, she wants to be called "Granny):

wpe2.jpg (44118 bytes)


This is Ashe with his daddy:

wpe4.jpg (44168 bytes)


Ashe and his Great-Grandma (he calls her Grandma, as opposed to Granny, above):

wpe5.jpg (37973 bytes)


Looking cute in the tye-dye from Grandpa:


Sitting on the bed, while visiting Ashland, Oregon for the night:

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